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From what I understood, the NCPD doesn’t care for a few citizens’ death, so it’s only natural they don’t send reinforcement to the scene for “minor” crimes. Without reinforcement (spawning new NCPD units), V will still get attacked by NCPD forces nearby when they see you; and at higher wanted level, NCPD will send units quicker (i.e., spawn closer to V and more frequenctly).

You can open the .reds in the mod and change the Config setting. For instance, you can do the following if you want reinforcement at

1 stars

or higher

public static func MinHeatLevelToSpawnNCPD() -> Int32 = 1

or spawn

closer and more but less frequently at 4th level

    public static func SpawnDistance_HeatLevel_4() -> Float = 0.8

    public static func SpawnFrequency_HeatLevel_4() -> Float = 0.8

public static func SpawnUnitSize_HeatLevel_4() -> Float = 3.8

(I didn’t check what are the minimum/ maximum numbers to not nuke the vanilla code, but it’s very likely gonna be a problem if you use a negative number lmao)

I only share this cuz I made it anyway, so don’t expect me to add features 🙂

I paired this with a bunch of mods like

Corrupt NCPD


Huteck Economy Rebalance

for a lore friendly gameplay.


also made the game more “realistic” by getting rid of the leveling system and making both NPCs and player die equally, and you will want to use some “fixes” for




if you installed it.


just drag the file to the Cyberpunk game folder (*make sure you see the folder r6 before dropping)


Unless you installed a mod that changes the func




, there’d be no compatibility issue.

If there’s a conflict between this mod and another, just

change the name of this mod to something like “z_Better NCPD Spawn.reds”

so that RedScript runs this mod the last. If there’s still a conflict, feel free to ask, but no guarantee there’ll be an answer 🙂

(Published on: 2023-09-06 17:25:00)

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