Johnny Plus V Tattoo (KS UV – VTK – Gymfiend)


I remember someone saying they wanted a mod like this at one point and I’m finally here to deliver! I made sure the positioning was exact on all versions of the tattoo, so you don’t need to fret about


If you’d like to request a variation of this tattoo or a possible tattoo for me to do in the future, please comment!


For KS UV version:

-KS- UV Texture Framework

For VTK version:

VTK FemV – Vanilla HD

For Gymfiend version:

Gymfiend – Body Mod For Male V


1) Install the version that you want; go to the page linked and follow their install instructions.

2) Download the version that you want of this mod.

3) Unzip the Zip file to somewhere on your desktop/PC.

4) Place the ‘archive’ file in your mod folder. On Steam, the folder path is as follows:


5) Load up your game, and the tattoo should appear on your V!

6) If the tattoo doesn’t show up, go to the tattoo in your archive file and press F2 to rename the mod. Simply add a ! in front of what’s already written.

Where to find me?

Twitter: @OfficiallyJewls

Instagram: @jewls_gallery

Tumblr: OfficiallyJewls

Thank you


 for quickly taking pics of Avery with the tattoo!!

If you’ve taken pictures with my mod, I’d love to see them!

(Published on: 2023-09-09 02:33:00)

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KS UV - Fem 1 Download
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VTK - Fem 1 Download

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