Weather Probability Rebalance

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Unmodded Behaviour

Pre patch 1.5

Pre 1.5, each weather had a


, and there was an


to the weathers. The game would go through each weather in order and then use/not use each weather based on its probability (so not just selecting among the probabilities each time). Each weather had it’s own min/max durations and transition times. In my first version of this mod, I reordered the weathers and changed the probabilities and durations to see about equal amounts of rain and sun/cloud.

After patch 1.5

In patch 1.5, they have done away with the probabilities entirely, and instead have a transition map. Here it is in flow chart form:

All of these transitions have equal probability (as far as I know). As you can see there are a lot of cycles, which means Sunny gets repeated often without anything interesting happening (e.g. Sunny -> Light Clouds -> Cloudy -> Light Clouds -> Sunny). Sandstorm is now much more common, though, and I’ve seen lots of posts on reddit of people noticing it for the first time (unscripted).


In the badlands, CDPR seems to only allow a subset of the transitions, resulting in (almost?) always going back and forth between Sunny and Sandstorm.

Here are the unmodded durations and transition times (in-game hours… I think):

So even with the new transitions, you’re seeing Sunny almost all the time just because it lasts so long every time it comes up, and it comes up often.

What this mod does

I redid the transitions to reduce the number of cycles leading back to Sunny. There’s a bit less variability in possible paths, but basically every time you see Sunny, you’re guaranteed to be on your way to something interesting (e.g. Acid Rain, Rain, Sandstorm) before you see Sunny again. I had to avoid touching certain transitions (in v2.2) because some of them mess up weather in the badlands if you touch them.


In version 2.2 of this mod I’ve fixed things so that the base game’s Sunny and Sandstorm only in the Badlands is preserved. If I don’t do that, weather in the Badlands is weird, with clouds coming and going over and over in a weird way.

I also changed the durations so that you can enjoy all the other stuff that’s not Sunny. Transition times are unchanged. I didn’t notice any difference when I changed those in the old version.


Won’t be compatible with any other weather mods and maybe not with things that alter the effects of certain weathers. Specifically anything that modifies the file


inside the game archives.


  • With 1.5+ I think weather transitions actually take effect as soon as they’re changed, but you can try skipping time ahead a day or so to move on to the new weather patterns (if you’re on unmodded sunny when you load the game you may have to wait up to 15 hours for that weather to end).
  • The game can get stuck on permanent Sunny (game bug, not from any mod). Several people have reported this happening at the beginning of Act 2 (after the heist), and I personally have experienced that as well. I think it gets fixed by getting to any scripted weather change in the game, but the easiest one is to go to the Blade Runner easter egg location to trigger some scripted rain (MAKE SURE TO EXIT USING THE ELEVATOR).

Blade Runner easter egg location (go into the Advocet Hotel and up the elevator) at the orange symbol, near Corpo Plaza:

Check out my other mods:


  • Extract the archive into “Cyberpunk 2077/” to use the mods. The actual mod file goes in “Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/”.


  • Wolvenkit
  • alphaZomega for the 010 template file.

  • Dravic1

    for sharing info about weather pre-1.5

  • Silver

     for finding the new env file used for the weather in 1.5

  • Knochey



    for sharing their learnings about weather post-1.5

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