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VisionHanced Reshade :

Hi it all !!!

My Reshade is to greatly enhance your adventure, in this beatifull game

that is Cyberpunk 2077.

I wanted to add realism by adding cinematics effects


Its the Cinematic Version of RealVision with more movie shaders same:

DOF / Thilshift / Chromatic Aberation / Gaussian Blur ….


You Can Disable letterbox if it bother you to play .

I Use the textures mod “Surfaces” with 8k and 4K textures replacement by ”


Résult With VisionHanced Reshade:

Of course, the void does not exactly represent the visuel

in play. Especialy since it depends on the parameters of ours screens

Installation :

1:Download and instal the latest Reshade from here.

2:Open my folder

3:Copy and paste contents of my folder into your Cyberunk

root folder.

4:In game, open reshade and select RealVision Preset

Other Mod:

(Published on: 2022-10-26 15:24:00)

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