Vertical Camera Snap Fix


My no-vertical snap mod :

( there are camera mods that can interfere with my mod working)

This method works using

No Camera Auto Centering FPP and TPP

. [ <-Link ]

That mod disables auto centering (snapping



In 3rd person vehicle. And in 1st person vehicle.

First Install



[ if you don’t already have it ]




No Camera Auto Centering FPP and TPP




Place my file,


folder in cet mods folder in this path.

:/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/CameraSnapFix”

Possible troubleshoot if needed : For some you may need to set No Camera Auto Centering

folder and its two files to Read only. Just a guess.


Suggested mods to use with my mod : >>>

To stop camera from moving forward when you hit brakes,

or backwards when u hit gas in 1st person driving.

Still will get car bounce .

[ tested and working with 2077 gog client version ].

So less dizzy.


Just Another BIKE CAMERA :

[ gotta get off the bike and back on to see the camera update, is one flaw. ] Works overall well.


A 1st person vehicle camera For better viewing.

(((( This probably will Disable my mod. So unsure how to fix that )))

It has no auto snap of any kind Vertical too ( I think ).

So you can settle the camera wherever you want. And it wont move.

Native UI just gives it some more settings.

it works without

Native UI



(Published on: 2023-08-28 03:58:00)

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