Vehicle Customizer ( stolen vehicles edition )


Vehicle Customizer (stolen vehicles edition)

Version 1.2


This is a spinoff from the

Vehicle Customizer

mod by


. It has a new feature which allows you to change the appearance of stolen vehicles.  In particlar, those that are “claimed” when using the

Claim Vehicles

mod by


. Appearance is changed by selecting from a base-game list of choices which depends upon the type of vehicle.

This includes vehicles that you can steal (“claim”) by overriding their security, by yanking out the the current occupant, and by simply mounting or entering. Vehicles you currently own and acquire lawfully are also supported.

If you do not plan to “klep” vehicles, then consider installing Lemulord12’s original mod instead.

Take the time to read all of the sections below, because they each provide useful things to know about this mod.

[ “Claim” … also variously known as Klep, Steal, Thieve, Filtch, Confiscate, Commandeer, and Scrounge ]


This project is based upon the

Vehicle Customizer

mod by


and includes revised versions of its scripting and data files. Many thanks for kindly granting permission. Additional thanks to


for being supportive during development.



Cyber Engine Tweaks

mod by


is absolutely positively required.  It is assumed that

Claim Vehicles

is then also installed after installing Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET), but it is an optional install.

Claim Vehicles requires you to install:





Mod Settings


Archive XL

, and



Getting Started:

This can be a little tricky, so carefully follow the instructions here, in other sections below, and wherever directed.  Also feel free to ask questions; either on this mod’s forum or via private message or by email to

Note that this mod itself can be installed and uninstalled without harming your saved games; of course appearance changes are cancelled when uninstalled.

I use


to test mod manager installs. Its main page is


; help links


.  I also verify “manual” do-it-yourself installs.

  1. Uninstall the original

    Vehicle Customizer

    mod if present.

  2. — Use the mod manager with which you installed that mod, or delete this folder and its contents:


    /Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/


  3. Install the

    Cyber Engine Tweaks

    (CET) mod by


    if you do not use it already.

  4. — CET is absolutely positively required.

    — Use a mod manager to do the install — highly recommended.

    — Or click Manual Download, extract (unZip), copy its /bin folder into the game’s /Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

    — Allow folders to be merged.

    — You should then have a folder sequence that looks like this:


    /Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/


  5. Install the

    Claim Vehicles

    mod by



  6. — Follow the installation instructions specified by that mod’s author.

    — It requires you to also install: redscript, RED4ext, Mod Settings, Archive XL, and TweakXL.

    — Or not. It is optional, since vehicles acquired normally are also okay; i.e. gifts, rewards, and purchases.

  7. Install this mod.

  8. — Use a mod manager to do the install — highly recommended.

    — Or click Manual Download, extract (unZip), copy its /bin folder into the game’s /Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

    — Allow folders to be merged.

    — You should then have a folder sequence that looks like this:


    /Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/


How To Use This Mod:

Do these steps if using the Claim Vehicles mod:

—  Start the game.

—  At the game’s main menu click Mod Settings, then select the NCLAIMS mod.

—  Adjust the four difficulty slider controls for “claiming” vehicles.

—  When testing, I slide all four controls to the far right for 100% success when claiming (klepping) a vehicle.

—  During actual play I use 100, 50, 75, and 100.

—  Press the Escape (ESC) key to return to the main menu.

The first time you start the game with CET installed, it asks you to specify a keyboard key.

— When pressed during play, that key will open CET’s “overlay”.

— Pick a key that is easily remembered. I happen to use Backslash (“/”).

— The CET overlay is where this mod’s vehicle appearance list is shown.

So now mount a motorcycle, or enter a vehicle, that you currently own.

— Press the CET overlay keyboard key you selected.

— Look for the

Vehicle Customizer SVE

window — it might be hidden behind other controls or windows.

— That window can be moved, resized, expanded, or collapsed.

— Click the “Select Appearance” button to see the list of available appearances.

— Click one of those choices.

— Press that same keyboard key to exit CET’s overlay.

— Look at your vehicle to see the result of your selection.

Note that you can actually stay in the CET Overlay and watch the changes occur while selecting various appearances, although you might need to move various windows aside in order to see your vehicle clearly.

Now go do the same thing with a vehicle that does not belong to you.  The difference will be that the appearance changes are “temporary” instead of permanent, since you do not own it.

Lastly, when this mod’s window shows “No Known Vehicle” it means it does not understand which vehicle’s appearance you want to change.  That will happen sometimes; hopefully not very often.  Simply “call” the owned vehicle you have been using currently to change its appearance, or else mount the motorcycle or enter the vehicle you would like to change.

How To Update:

To install a newer version of this mod (or a simple update), either install it using a mod manager or do the install “manually” yourself.

When installing with a mod manager, be sure that the installation process will add new files and replace specific existing files, leaving other files alone. It must *not* first remove all current files before doing the install. In other words, it must “update” what is already present instead of doing a total “replace”.

The mod manager should then be used to set the new version to load “After” all prior installs.  For Vortex: click the Manage Rules button that is in Vortex’s main orange bar that has lots of buttons, select the choice that tells Vortex to load the new install for this mod after all other existing installs for this mod, then click the Save button to save that Rule.

Here are the steps to do the install yourself (a “manual” install):

— Click the Manual Download button for the new version.

— Extract (unZip) the downloaded file.

— Look for the /bin folder inside.

— Copy the /bin folder (with its contents) into the game’s /Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

— Allow folders to be merged with files replacing existing files.

In addition, you may delete the following folders and their contents if they are currently present. They are no longer required.

/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/VehicleCustomizerSVE/


/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/VehicleCustomizerSVE/


How To Remove:

Installing and uninstalling this mod will not harm your saved games.  But of course appearance changes are cancelled when uninstalled.

If you did the install with a mod manager, then use it to remove this mod.  If the mod manager is Vortex, then there will still be leftover files to remove. If you did a manual install, or used Vortex for the uninstall, then delete the following folder and its contents:

/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/


Limitations and Restrictions:

This mod does not grant you ownership of a vehicle.  Other mods and the game itself do that.  This mod enables you to change a vehicle’s appearance via scripted “reskinning”.

— * —

This mod might or might not work correctly with other “theft” mods.  And vehicles added or altered by other mods also might not work correctly.  PLEASE: let me know if you find such mods that *do* work with this one so they can be mentioned above.

— * —

Sorry (but not really sorry), a Kaukaz Bratsk concrete truck can’t be “reskinned” into a super-sleek Rayfield-Aerondight “Guinevere”, nor an Arch Nemesis motorcycle into an “Arrest Me red” open-roofed Shion Targa MZT sports car. The choices tend to be consistent across vehicle type — and if not it is likely just an oversight that I will catch and remedy eventually.

— * —

The game lets you use a vehicle, such as a motorcyle, that you do not yet own and maybe will never own. You can change its appearance with this mod, but the change is “temporary”. Various stituations might cause the vehicle to revert back to how it looked originally. Oh well. Feel free to change it again. Or … “claim” (steal) it using the Claim Vehicles mod by DeepBlueFrog and then set its appearance permanently.

— * —

When you mount or enter an unowned vehicle for the first time, it might suddenly change its appearance to something different — the vehicle’s default. Simply set the appearance you prefer it to have if it is different from the default you see, or leave it to be the default.

— * —

If you discover a vehicle, or an appearance for a vehicle, that is not available in this mod, then please let me know the details so it can be added.

— * —

Realize that the game tends to “despawn” vehicles (as in makes them disappear) regardless of ownership when you move too far away.  Especially when not owned.

Known Issues:

Surprise! Cyberpunk 2077 has bugs. Who’d have thought?

One of those bugs affects vehicle ownership. This is how it happens: when you acquire a new vehicle, either as a gift or mission reward or by purchase or else when klepping (stealing) … mods are not always able to suddenly know that fact.  In other words, when a mod asks the game if you really own that vehicle the answer is typically “No”. Which prevents scripting from doing what it is supposed to do. It happens with Claim Vehicles, the original Vehicle Customizer, and this mod as well.

So, in order to let this mod know that you really and truely own a vehicle, you must Call it to you at least once. Stand next to that vehicle, then Call it to you by pressing the V key.  Or press-and-hold the V key to make a selection for which one to summon. That replacement will come rolling your way.

Sure, it seems kind of silly. Especially since your motorcycle or car is right there, two feet away. But do that call, walk away from the vehicle next to you, and go use that called vehicle instead. Sometimes, but not always, the called vehicle will actually turn out to be the one you are standing next to — blinking its lights and honking/beeping at you to let you know its right there.

This is a one-time thing for a new vehicle — each and any new vehicle — the game and the scripting then agree that you own it.

— * —

A vehicle’s headlights, taillights, and dashboard lights might start flickering or flashing when a new appearance is selected.  Sometimes when a vehicle is Called.  To fix that, select a different appearance and then switch back again.

— * —

A random appearance might occur when making a specific choice for a particular vehicle.  If that happens, please report the full name of that appearance selection so it can be corrected.

— * —

This mod’s window within the CET Overlay can potentially get messed up and look “”wrong”.  When that happens, find Cyber Engine Tweak’s window within the overlay.  It is likely a very wide and thin menu bar with buttons to click.  Click the

Reload all mods

button.  That should fix it.  If not, then create a new saved game, exit to desktop, restart the game, and resume with that new save.

Reporting Problems and Issues:

Please include as much detailed information as you can.  If possible, also create a screen-capture of the problem if you can figure out how to do that, and if it makes sense to do that, because of the type of problem.  Upload it as part of the problem report or email it to me at

It is often very helpful to receive a copy of a saved game that exhibits the problem for troubleshooting purposes. It can be sent as an email attachment to  Include instructions in the email on the steps to do to cause the problem to happen. Also include a list of mods that are being used. Alternatively, the saved game can be uploaded to somewhere —  and of course provide instructions on how I can get it.

[  “When in Danger, or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout!”  ]

(Published on: 2023-09-01 13:40:00)

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