Vallaslin for V – ‘Inquisition Edition’ – VTK — Hyst Bodies – Tattoos for Fem V


Hi! Thanks for clicking on my mod! This is currently Fem V/VTK only, but a Masc V/UV version is in the works!!!

For the uninitiated; Vallaslin are markings used by the Dalish elves in the Dragon Age game/book/comic universe. They used to be used by the Dalish gods to mark their slaves, but the surviving elves, nomads called the Dalish, have reclaimed them. Choosing and getting a Vallaslin tattoo is a big deal and seen as a ritual of sorts. So it’s a major part of the game’s lore.

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And thus I had to make it available in Cyberpunk! My good friend Edith ripped the raw files for me, and I scaled them up and redrew them all by hand, in Procreate, one by one to make them look as good as possible. They are not 100% accurate, more like 98 or 99%, but I am happy with how they turned out.

Thanks in particular to Bedellia and Edith, who helped me big time with learning how the VTK system and Wolvenkit works!!!

And a huge thanks to all my friends who came together to take screenshots to show off various Vallaslin:


Please check out all the amazing screenshots attached to this mod


– Cubfan82

– Rosslin

– OfficiallyJewls


– Halkuonn

Some things to note:

– The cheek only version of Mythal’s Vallaslin is labelled as ‘chin only’- this is an error I made and didn’t change due to how temperamental Wolvenkit can be.

– Andruil is mispelled as Anduril – again an error I made, because of sleep deprivation from how long this mod took to make; again not changing due to how temperamental Wolvenkit can be.

If you use Hyst’s body mods like Enhanced Big Breast, you can choose the VTK version of the tattoo, as those bodies seem to be compatible with VTK tattoos.

I tested the Hyst/VTK stuff myself with several of my tattoos and it all seems to work; just with a slight distortion. It’s not overly noticeable, I just wanted y’all to be aware.

This mod is very easy to install! But here’s a quick guide anyway.


Install the required VTK body mod or one of the Hyst bodies, following the instructions on those pages, as well as any skin overlays I reccomend or you can find elsewhere on Nexus.


Download whichever Vallaslin you want. Pop the Zip file on your PC/desktop.


Only use 1 Vallaslin at a time!!!



Unzip the Zip file.


Read the ‘Read Me’ note file.


Pop the ‘archive’ mod file in your mod folder; the 00_ at the start should ensure it loads above the VTK body/head/arms.

On steam, the file path is as follows:


^You want the .archive file in that ‘mod folder. If you don’t already have a mod folder, simply make one!


Load up the game; the tattoo overlay should instantly be visible in CC!!!

That’s it! Please check the Read Me note and this mod description before coming to me with any issues.

VTK bodies/textures are not compatible with UV framework as far as I am aware.

Masc V/UV versions of my mods will all be available in the future.

Consider checking out my other mods! Thanks for your time.

(Published on: 2023-06-03 00:04:00)

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Elgarnan Full-8460-1-1685746674.rar 0 Download
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Falondin Full-8460-1-1685746736.rar 0 Download
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Ghilanain-8460-1-1685746788.rar 0 Download
June Full-8460-1-1685746863.rar 0 Download
June Partial-8460-1-1685746889.rar 0 Download
Mythal Full-8460-1-1685746927.rar 0 Download
Mythal Partial-8460-1-1685746982.rar 0 Download
Sylaise Full-8460-1-1685747012.rar 0 Download
Sylaise Partial-8460-1-1685747037.rar 0 Download

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