Ultra Smooth Skin Microdetail

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New update file available: “Even Smoother Face Microdetail”… Flattens a few of the normal map textures used for wrinkles on faces… See images… Can be used standalone… Doesn’t blend well with some bodies/md textures, though… I suggest to only use with these smoother skin textures, but feel free to try with other skins if you’d like…

Why didn’t I include this with my

Manually Enhanced Skin Microdetail


Because I didn’t want to… Really, mainly because I want to upload 3 versions of this and don’t want to flood that mod’s page with them (and I bundled all the 4k versions of that mod together)…

This should massively reduce VRAM/RAM usage near large amounts of NPCs (with the main file or 16×8 version), which could help a lot with performance on lower-end hardware…

Screenshot includes

High-Res Body Skins

(2k version) by U/


(mainly just to show that they are compatible)…

Body screenshot

Warning: Image slightly NSFW

(frontal nudity with no visible genitalia)

The first 2 images and the one linked above are of main “128×64” file (not that either other version would look any different)…

I included the normal resolution and 4k upscaled versions mainly just to show that there is no visible difference (if anyone decides to test and see)… I could make this like 16x8p and it would still look basically identical (I have now released this and included a screenshot to prove the fact)… It is literally just a single, solid color… Going smaller than 16x8p causes issues, though (but almost still looks good in a weird way other than the fact that you can see the seams where joints connect really well, which is why I’m not uploading it)… Note that the slight color/lighting differences in the shots are due to the fact that I wasn’t in the exact same spot in each shot (or with the exact camera angle)…

Notes about compatibility with other mods:

  • Should be compatible with most other skin/body mods, as most of them edit the base skin textures and not the microdetail…

  • Is not compatible with my aforementioned “Manually Enhanced Skin Microdetail” mod…



  • Delete the “0Only_One_Skin_MD_xxxxx.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

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(Published on: 2023-03-12 05:27:00)

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0Only_One_Skin_MD_NoTexture_128x64.zip-7631-1-0-1678062995.zip 0 Download
0EvenSmootherFaceMicroDetail.zip-7631-1-0fmd-1678598829.zip 0 Download
0Only_One_Skin_MD_NoTexture16x8.zip-7631-1-0-1678067343.zip 0 Download
0Only_One_Skin_MD_NoTexture_1024x512.zip-7631-1-0-1678063081.zip 0 Download
0Only_One_Skin_MD_NoTexture_4096x2048.zip-7631-1-0-1678063145.zip 0 Download

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