Ultimate save nomad V


This is the entire playthrough:

Main quest :

– ‘Romance’ with Meredith Stout

– At the beginning, for Flathead quest, I kill Royce and Dum-Dum, All food was clear, and Brick (Maelstrom contact of Dexter DeShawn) was traped so he quites the All-Food factory alive, and he is the boss of the Totentanz.

– Voodoo boys are hostile to you, in fact I don’t follow the Netwatch path, I let Brigitte to get an access to Alt, but after the quest (Transmission and Never Fade Away), I decided to kill Brigitte, the netrunners, Placide and the entire VDB at the Chapel for their perfidy.

– Romance with Panam of course (The only romance by the way). Difficult for me to make an alternative way on that nomad’s quest.

– For Search and destroy quest, i save Takemura.

– V and Johnny are close friend (as you can see at the screen, 70%), and all ending are unlock.

Side quest:

– All quest are done.

– All NCPD interest point are done too.

You can also find a lot of legendary item, you can find them in V’s apartment and the boot of car. Important point I don’t find all secret chest. I use the


to complete legendary set.

I hope this save will be helpful to you in the future of Cyberpunk, and I hope you enjoy to play with.



2023 Update: Before the DLC, The Phantom Liberty comin’ out, I just updated the save, so you can start The Phantom Liberty on September 26th. Hope you enjoy it.

(Published on: 2023-08-25 16:25:00)

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