Ultimate Bright Night City for Overdrive RT

Visuals and Graphics

The mod came from a friend of mine , I’m just posting.

about it.

CDPR has updated the game with the Overdrive RT Mode, which has brought new life to the game. However, due to performance considerations, CDPR has only provided a high quantity of light for the photo mode.

Night City is still dim and dark, despite being filled with so many neon lights and billboards. but, It cannot illuminate the buildings and streets.

You can also choose to use mods from




to add bounce and rays, but as you know, that will increase our hardware burden.

So, this MOD provides you with brighter lighting by increasing the diffuseEmissive by 5×! Yes, we all love cities that are filled with bright and vibrant lighting!


The MOD only modifies some parameters and is not specifically adapted to the game. Using it may result in some issues with the visuals, such as:

1. Billboards being too bright and appearing white.

2. Excessive bloom causing screen flickering.

3. The biggest issue is that directly increasing the light intensity can result in a lot of noise in the game, making it difficult for filters to maintain image clarity.

Please use this MOD with caution.

In theory, it should be compatible with any other MOD, but I’m not sure if it can be used together with other MODs that modify overdriveRT.

If you find that your game looks different from mine, that’s normal because I am using the

E3 Visuals Remastered (E3VR) Lighting and Road Mod


This is an archive MOD, you just need to copy it to the following path: “Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod”

(Published on: 2023-04-17 11:54:00)

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