The world sandevistan enter and exit sound effect


Super simple mod for all you weebs that want to yell za warudo in this game

RedMod required


Put the contents into the game directory

Also you can technically pick your own whatever sound for this just replace the .wav file inside, you can also edit the .json file too if you want a different enter and exit slow mo sounds, replacing sounds with redmod is stupid easy

Oh and it also adds this sound to khereznikov etc. basically all time dilation effect but I can’t be bothered to figure out how to make it sandy only

I also use the mod with some modified config file to make one of the sandies do a full 100% time stop for funsies, cool as all fuck but stupid unbalanced too

I threw the config as an optional file in there, the Raven sandy will go full time stop, DOT will get you to 1% hp and has a 5 minute cooldown as my poor attempt to balance this thing somehow, of course you need the Time dilation overhaul mod linked above, go download it either way its great


(Published on: 2022-10-24 06:23:00)

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Full time stop for Ravens sandy (Time dilation overhaul mod config file)-6085-1-1666578658.rar 0 Download

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