The RVC00N Dumpster – Hotrod Short Hoodie (M) (Archive XL)

Armour and Clothing

The RVC00N Dumpster

Hotrod Short Hoodie


Masc V

Make sure to grab my

Virtual Store

 to buy my items!

Compatible with

Equipment EX

Only use


Color replacer

at a time!

Only use


Decal replacer

at a time!

Only use


Mesh replacer

at a time!

This is a Ported model

Clipping can happen depending on the pose or animation

Please ask me before using it for your own projects!

🧡 Thanks to

Lar Rackell


Honour and Steel





for testing and providing pictures!




Download and follow the instructions to install those two required mods:



Download my mod and unzip the content in your Cyberpunk2077 installation folder

You can also use Vortex

To remove it, simply delete the files from your folders


If you like my work, you can support me on Ko-Fi! Thank you


(Published on: 2023-04-04 09:59:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Hotrod Short Hoodie - Vanillla Body (M)-7974-1-0-1-1680598786.7z 0 Download
COLORS - Flames-7974-1-0-0-1680510984.7z 0 Download
COLORS - Racer-7974-1-0-0-1680511001.7z 0 Download
DECALS - Aldecaldos-7974-1-0-0-1680511032.7z 0 Download
DECALS - Eurodyne-7974-1-0-0-1680511072.7z 0 Download
DECALS - Samurai-7974-1-0-0-1680511050.7z 0 Download
MESH - Adonis (M)-7974-1-0-0-1680510936.7z 0 Download
MESH - Gymfiend (M)-7974-1-0-0-1680510958.7z 0 Download

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