The Lives of Night City




APOLOGIES FOR LACK OF IMAGES. I will Provide some later.



  • 40 New Shards with Original short stories, with a few that have a bit more complexity to them.

  • An additional crowd system with a Radiant bounty and escort missions.

  • Taxi mission you can always just start whenever you want.

  • Quota Activity to get NCPD control over Night City.

  • Eat at hotdog and Kungpao Vendors.

  • WIP stil. More to come.

  • UPDATE 1.5: Sorry for the wait. been busy.  FIXED Street System, Added “open_door” interact to open them blasted locked doors.  Just look at a door, use your custom interact cycle key to find the “Open door” Prompt.

    HOTFIX 1.5.1: Fixed Radiant Escort mission. Somehow the choice folder was missing. To note: If the entity for some odd reason isn’t visibly in your car when you get in one, just drive to the map marker.

    • UPDATE 1.6


      1. Added 300+ More POIs for Cars, and crowd spawns.

      2. Adjusted Crowd spawn Parameters.

      3. Added “looking for action” Transgression so A random subtitle from a “heckler” has a chance

      4. to pop up, Ridiculing you.

        They will look at you, and have hostile attitude. If you scan them, and they are red and have the “Looking for action” transgression description, It is up to you if you wanna kill em without police penalty. Be careful of your surrounds though.

      5. Added Gangs to the Street traffic System. They have a 50% chance of going hostile on you, starting around 8pm-midnight in game. They spawn during the day time but are set to passive. However, if you’re fighting a Heckler, or just in a fight in general, near a spawn for cars, and it spawns a gang member…. They will chase to you. Pairs Extremely Well with “Gangs of Night City”.

      6. The Street Spawning Params have been adjusted and go off of 1000+ spawn spots, when you are on foot. If you are in a car, they spawn behind you, roughly 4 meters away. The spawn rate is increased when you are in a car. Instead of waiting 6 seconds for another spawn, it’s 3 seconds when you are in a car. This helps not have cars pop up in your face.

      7. HOTFIX:1.6.1:

        – Adjusted the Spawn Parameters for Street System. Now can pick either Near or far from player within a  50 meter radius, Should look better with cars spawning not so in front of you, Unless you stare at streets while you explore.

        -Fixed time trigger on gang riders . Had min and max time range switched . Oops.

        -Added look_at_entity_entity action so the Hostile behavior, That can trigger, is more consistent in building up agro from gang riders.

        HOTFIX: 1.6.2:

        -Further Adjustments to the behavior of the Street System, Should be more Immersive. ish.

        -Added in the possibility for gang riders to target eachother and trigger a random car chase between them. Can get crazy if paired with

        Gangs of Night City

         mod, and you play around 7pm to midnight.

        -FIXED Black market mind read tech option not working properly. You can now not have it on. Turns out, I didn’t have the correct trigger structure for the event that plays the chats. oops.

        HOTFIX 1.6.3:

        -Adjusted Spawn parameters for Street System and Crowd system. Now goes 40 Meters out for Traffic, and 50 meters out for Crowds.

        PATCH 1.7.0:

        Adjusted Street Traffic parameters to be farther and mostly not in your face unless there is only 1 poi in the vicinity of 45 meters from the player.

        -Added support for the new Enemy level slider setting in

        Gangs of Night City.

        -You can now flip someone off, and their attitude will be set to hostile. Civilians may not immediately get in combat stance, however your crosshair will turn red, meaning you can fight them without star penalty. The attitude switch works on anyone. You need

        Cyberscript Animation Archive


        -You can now flip channels on a T.V. in the open world , via a custom quickhack “Change Channel”.

        Hotfix 1.7.1:

        – Fixed not being able to do Radiant Bounties and Escort missions. Note, that the escort vip target may not VISIBLY sit in your car, when you get in one. Just drive to the marker they want you to go to, after you accept their mission.

        -Adjusted Street Traffic spawn parameters again. This should be much more tamer with them and Hopefully even more out of direct site, depending where you are, of course.




-Shards? You mean like Hidden Gems?:

  • Yes. Inspired by it? Oh ya, Props to that guy. Great mod. let’s talk about shards here.

  • I made a system, Utilizing Cyberscript’s POI system, I made an event that will let a notification to open a shard will pop

    up, if you walk over any of the *looks at paper* 4300 spots in Night City. Don’t witch hunt for them, it’s all by chance.

    Fair but small chance.

  • 40 of them Readily available in the shards menu if you wanna just read em’ and spoil yourself.

  • All of these Shards have unique tales, and stories, from randomly named citizens from my brain. There’s at LEAST 12 on-going stories Currently being introduced into these. A few characters are more prominent than others due to my Shameful Favoritism to some of the stories.  1-offs may stay 1-offs. May change my mind. More shards will be made, along with the ongoing story ones.

  • Simply play and explore the game, A hint I can give is be around areas that have a denser Population, or anywhere near vending machines or service lookin’ areas.


-Walk up to a cop, Use your “cycle custom interact” binded key (Refer to Cyberscript for instructions). There will be an option called “makin Quota?” . Press it. Dialog will show on screen. random generated, Gender based names on the cops you look at.  (although the gender trigger isn’t consistently working. oh well, it’s the future. )

. You will be then given a map pin. Open your map up after the briefing from the cop is done.  (basically no more dialog) . You should find the pin. The pin may be weird and say  “Main mission”.  that’s gonna be the one. It’s supposed to say “Gang activity” . Try tracking and un-tracking to make sure. Go to pin, kill peeps that spawn, rack up them quota points to 30. Go to regina after to get rewarded. Nothing crazy.

-You like food?

– Use your “cycle custom interact” binded key when LOOKING at a hotdog vendor or Asian vendor to get the prompt. Simple  little fade out, munch munch sounds, fade back in. Easy peasy.

– Taxi missions?:

-It will always be in your Journal. It will be pretty Self Explanatory.  One thing to note, The map will auto open when you get inside the car. It is supposed to open to the destination you need to get to but it doesn’t, Waiting on Cyberscript issue to be fixed there.  But the pins do appear. Drive to the customer location, do as the notification says when you are 5 Meters away from the mark.  NOW here’s where I am not sure it’s Cyberscript or PreventionSystem. What’s supposed to happen is the npc spawns on the right, slightly behind the car. However, some oddity is occuring where you, the player, need to switch from FPP to TPP mode, vise versa.  The client should then spawn after the 5 second timer I placed.


– Ye. So when I mentioned that it happens when the “ambush” system is triggered, It isn’t necessarily an Ambush, just utilizing a more Optimized way of spawning in these civilians. But how do they give Radiants? Well…….. Cyberscript allows me to create a custom Scanner entry. I then take all the parameters for that entire Scanner entry and trigger check for a certain “trait” I made up. So if I give a civilian the trait “Bounty”, I play a “sweeper” function to check  specific traits. If “Bounty” clicks, then you will be greeted by a text message from the NCPD, asking if anyone wants to nab an active bounty around. If you accept, the choices disappear. NOW, PLEASE manually close the UI after you select a choice. If you Accepted, a marker and npc, within 40-50 meters of the player will be present. You will know the script is working if the NCPD Phone avatar pops up and gives you subtitle dialog. Bounty targets are actual gang members that have a randomly selected “star level” in their custom scanner data. If the Bounty has 4-5 stars, additional dialogs will indicate this Bounty is more dangerous and is traveling in  a pack.

-Escorts are the same, in reference to how you start them

. When you accept, an npc will spawn roughly 8 meters behind you and RUN towards your front. When they are in a 20 meter relative radius of your “Y” direction, they will turn around (or not) and ask for help. Additional dialog will be prompted to re-affirm you wanna help. Why a Re-affirm? Cuz I have big things planned for escorts, down the line that has to deal with their Custom scanner data.  If you accept, the script waits for you to be in a car. Once in a car, you will have the npc auto placed in the right front seat. Simply drive them to the map marker you manually have to track. Big things are coming for this one Mission soon. Have other things first.


-Download mod, there’s a “bin” folder inside the extracted Zip folder. Drag n drop into Cyberpunk2077 directory folder.

– Assuming you have all the required mods I have listed, Open up the

“mods” entry in the pause menu. Go find “Cyberscript    datapack

manager” .

-Enable Lives of Night City.

-Go back to “Cyberscript Settings”.

-Find the “refresh cache” button. Click it.

-Unpause. Enjoy.  If you wanna make fully sure it’s activated on all fronts, Simply save then reload.


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