The Hollywood Cliffhanger Player Mansion


Welcome Home

I’m pleased to announce this house has finally arrived.

This home belonged to a team member of the Night City Rangers football team and now it can be yours!

Located in North Oak, this house has a beautiful view of the city and is a perfect spot to host any gathering!

The Quarterback for the Night City Rangers Lived here and you can tell fitness was his passion.

A musician also lived here and you can tell with the studio on the second level- The album “Don’t Come for Me” by A Year Exiting Rain was recorded here. (Please give his album a listen


, I don’t think I could have finished this mod without it)

Hotfix for folder path (sorry chooms)

Features include:

AV Pad


Basketball Court and Recreational Center

2 Hot Tubs

5 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms

Locker Room

Fire Places


Sectioned Great Room

Indoor Zen areas


Media Room and Game Room

Outdoor and Indoor Bar

Reading nook

Office Loft

Music Studio

Preeeeeeem view of Night City!!!

-and secrets!

You MUST have Appearance Menu Mod Version 2.2+ (AND THE OPTIONAL COLLISION PATCH) to use this mansion. select the preset by clicking on decor-presets and selecting Hollywood Cliffhanger

you must have the prop packs in the requirements as well.


This house is currently very heavy on resources and may not work well on lower end hardware (for now) please be patient with me till I can get all bugs sorted out <3

I recommend disabling RTX on the lower spec cards and having DLSS/Boost turned on if possible.

A very special thanks to my mother who supported every passion I had and always pushed me to go the extra mile. She was very excited to see me work on this and I only wish she could have seen its completion. This one’s for you, Mom. 02-28-1949 – 04-10-2023

More special thanks to my dear friends who I’ve made in this community:

-Max, without you, AMM wouldn’t be around and this house wouldn’t have been possible. You’ve enabled so many of us to reach our potential with virtual photography.

-Manavortex, for being supportive and helping keep AMM functioning when the odds were against it and keeping Max in line 😉

-Rosslin, for inspiring me and being there cheering me on all while helping me test even my dangerous builds.

-Zwei, for always being supportive and enabling me to actually attempt a build this big 😀

-Lokiina, for exploring lore with me and giving me more knowledge of the ever expansive universe that is Cyberpunk, inspiring me to give depth to a character that ultimately lead to back story of this house.

-Axel T. Rovvi. Last on the list but certainly not the least. You kept me from deserting my projects on multiple occasions, this being one of them. If it weren’t for your music and friendship, I don’t think this project would have ever been finished, or if I would have even tried to come back to the community after life pulled me in other directions. You’re a real one, Choom!

(Published on: 2023-04-17 14:19:00)

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