Stupid High Traffic (With Lower Crowd Density)


What exactly does this mod do?

  • Raises traffic density (about 150-200% density, depending on setting/area)
  • Lowers crowd density (about 60-80% of vanilla for each setting)
  • Speeds up traffic by a decent bit for better traffic flow and separation (same speedup as in my

    “Psycho Crowds Improvements” mod

  • New opposite version released… Raises crowds while lowering traffic (25-50% increase/reduction for each in-game setting)

Will this conflict with other crowd mods?

Most likely, yes… It will not conflict with mine (Psycho Crowds Improvements), though… And I highly suggest to combine them… But if using them together, you should probably delete the “StupidFastTraffic.ini” file included with this mod after you install (or don’t install it and just install the archive file)… Both mods have the same values set in their ini files, though, so shouldn’t really matter…

Will it adjust density for the “Astonishing” setting if unlocked via mods?

Yes, it will 🙂

Why use this when

**Insert Increased Traffic Density Mod Name Here**


Well, I figure it should perform slightly better than those (assuming they increased as much as I did) due to the reduced crowd density… Also, it should be easier to navigate through the traffic since I sped them up (this causes them to space out a bit more in a lot of cases)… Lastly, it mixes great with my Psycho Crowds Improvements mod 🙂


Extract to main Cyberpunk install folder… Or use Vortex (I think Vortex will work anyway… Please leave feedback to let me know if you install this way, and nobody else has already left feedback about this)…

Short video guide for installing most CP77 mods


  1. Delete the “StupidHighTrafficLowCrowds.archive” file from [Cyberpunk install folder>archive>pc>mod]
  2. Delete the “StupidFastTraffic.ini” file from [Cyberpunk install folder>engine>config>platform>pc] (delete this file and keep the other if you don’t like the traffic speedup for whatever reason)
  3. Download it again in an hour when you realize you made a mistake and that it was actually kinda awesome 😉

*Screenshots are all taken with “High” in-game setting and combined with my “Psycho Crowds Improvements” mod

This mod makes changes to “crowd_presets.csv” and “crowd_settings.csv”… If you’re curious about whether another

crowd mod might conflict, ask the developer of the mod in question if

they edited those files or not… IT WILL, AT LEAST PARTIALLY CONFLICT with any

mods that touch either of those files…

It will also conflict with many crowd .ini tweaks, as mentioned above…

Check out my other mods/tweaks


(Published on: 2023-03-20 00:04:00)

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