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The game calculates damage from stealth only until a first hit was made. Everything what’s after counts as in combat. This fact forces a player to use a suppressed Overture, excluding every other weapon. Yes, I don’t have Silent Silencers mod which disables a player from entering combat. I still like that vanilla get an enemy down or get detected. The mod is made to be an addition to my own

Futuristic Silencers Overhaul

or can be used separately (without any drawbacks) for more fun when you can use any weapon instead of only Overture.

  • Silent and Deadly

before: the perk was a simple multiplier for silencers’ damage on a first hit, actually ignoring if player is sneaking or not.

after: the perk works as expected and acts as a damage per hit multiplier for 7 seconds, if player  actually crouches before or after combat starts. For

example you can start shooting then go into crouch and get the bonus in the first 7 seconds. A silencer is no longer required.

optional version: increases Crit Damage instead to make it fair.

  • Strike From the Shadows

before: the same as above the perk was a compete waste of a perk point, calculating crit chance only before a first hit was made, but this time the game at

least checked if a player is in crouch.

after: works with the same method as was made in the perk above.

  • From The Shadows

before: the perk was activated only after a first hit was made, excluding crit chance increase for that hit.

after: the perk works as expected additionally increasing crit chance before combat have started to make that first hit count.

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(Published on: 2023-08-30 09:19:00)

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