(Six Digits Store) Metallic and Glowy Nails – Archive XL – Equipment EX


Metallic and Glowy Nails – Archive XL – Equipment EX

84 colors based on my

Universal Colors palettes

Default short nails, with 3 extra options, replacing right and left nails independently

– Long, Short pointy, Long pointy + WLW Long and WLW Long Pointy

Default non glow, with 3 glow options available

– Glowy tips, Glowy Full and Glowy Full Faint

Default full metalness and half roughness (those who are familiar with my cyberware know the deal), with 12 roughness options available

– Chinese, Floral1, Floral2, Flowers, Hex, Kitsch, Paisly, Rose, Scales, Scratches, Zebra and Patina


Will appear floaty when mantis blades are out. I tried to fix this, but trying to fix it would take more time than it’s worth for something that’s so situational. These aren’t meant for actual gameplay anyway, so be warned that unexpected stuff may happen.

Black is a void. No glow, no roughness popping up. If you want a dark color and roughness pattern and/or glow to show up, use dark gray. Colors that also use black in them will also get this effect (like vampire (red+black))

How glowy the nail looks depends on the color. The darker it is, the less it’ll glow, or it’ll be more subtle <3 (picture of Kai with the nightsky nails is actually using Glowy Full Faint, and as it can be seen, the white pops up more than the blue)


They ALL replace outer torso slot otherwise, and since left and right nails are separate, you’ll only get one side.

Takes the hand left and hand right slots!

Now gets the dedicated FingernailsLeft and FingernailsRight slots!

– Update –

Toenails now available for Male as well!

Any body using

Pinky’s better feet for masc v

 will be able to use these with no issues <3

For them to work correctly update


to version 1.5.8 or higher!

– Update –

No metalness texture replacer!

Don’t like the metallic look or you want to switch things up a bit! Try it 😀

Colors will look different, hopefully you’ll enjoy <3

– Update –

Now that Equipment-Ex has been updated with new slots, nails take the proper ones!

FingernailsLeft, FingernailsRight, ToenailsLeft and ToenailsRight! Go ham and enjoy 😀

Remember to properly update Equipment-Ex and the new requirement!

Thanks Shaundi for the extra


feet pics!

– Installation –

Install the requirements




Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/

Main files are Vortex-compatible

Extra options go in  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Get it in my store!

CET Codes



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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Metallic Nails-7527-1-3-1692117804.7z 1 Download
Glow Options-7527-1-1677453816.rar 1 Download
Glow Options - Toenails-7527-1-1677889664.rar 1 Download
Metalness Replacer - None-7527-1-1687906081.7z 1 Download
Roughness Replacer-7527-1-1677453712.rar 1 Download
Roughness Replacer - Toenails-7527-1-1677889365.rar 1 Download
Shape Replacer-7527-1-1677453657.rar 1 Download

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