Simple Menu – An In-Game UI including Hotkeys



Check the

Videos tab

for showcases of older versions of the mod. Below you’ll find a list of all current features and above you’ll see up to date screenshots.

Graphical User Interface

Config Tab

– control several aspects of the mod

Items Tab

– Refill Ammo: manual or automatic

– Infinite Ammo (No reload)

– Weapon modifiers such as Super Zoom, Super Reload, No Recoil, and more

– Add Money, Consumables and Materials

– Convert Drinks and Food

– Disassemble and Sell Items

– Upgrade equipped items and mods in your inventory to Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary

– Unequip all equipped items (armour, weapons and cyberware)

– Remove quest tags from equipped items so that they can be dismantled and sold

Player Tab

– Max out your Level, Street Cred and Attributes

– Add all perks with the click of a button

– Reset all Attributes, Perks and Skills

– God Mode and Infinite Stamina

– Change Attributes

– Change Experience and Levels

– Alter Other Stats (temporary): Armor, Carry Capacity, Crit Chance and Damage, Health, etc.

– Add or remove perks

Misc Tab

– Unlock Achievements

– Kill NPCs

– Police System options

– Time Manipulation: Set Game Time, Freeze Time (time of day) and Slow Motion

– Quest Manipulation: End Quest, Untrack Active Quest and change quest and romance facts

– Teleport Features: Save current position and teleport back to saved location, Custom Teleport Locations

– Vehicle Features: Unlock Vehicles and Instant Vehicle Spawn

NEW (v46): Search Tab (Alpha)

– Search for game items on name, type or category

– Add to inventory, with the option to choose an amount, quality and whether to force maximum mod slots

– All stats updated live, including extended stat descriptions, and where relevant will update based on your player character as well

– Currently includes Weapons, Items, Consumables and Grenades.

– Every effort has been made to filter out useless (broken, partially implemented, etc) items, but some may still exist (they shouldn’t break anything too badly, mostly they just don’t work)

– This will also index and make searchable mod items, though not all will appear for various reasons (incomplete TweakDB entries, for example)

Hotkey Functions

Most hotkeys are automatically disabled while you’re in one of the game’s menus.

– Refill Ammo: manual or automatic

– Weapon modifiers

– Convert Drinks and Food (defaults to Water and Cat Food)

– Sell Consumables

– Sell Grenades

– Sell Junk

– Toggle God Mode

– Toggle Infinite Oxygen

– Toggle Infinite Stamina

– Kills NPCs

– Police System

– Freeze Time (time of day)

– Slow Motion

– Untrack active quest

– Save current position and teleport back to saved location

– Teleport to V’s Apartment

– Teleport to V’s Mansion

– Teleport to Viktor’s Clinic

– Toggle Vehicle Instant Spawn






(Published on: 2023-09-03 06:12:00)

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