Simple Improvements and Bug Fixes


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Many thanks to


, and


for their work and their fixes which were used as a reference, and especially to


and WolvenKit team who made all these edits to be possible.

The list of improvements and fixes:

  • Burya accurate sight

The trouble with that gun is that it shoots lower than you aim. You can test that easily if you will aim at hole on a wall after a first shot. Fortunately, the

game provides а built-in way to reorient a weapon through the database edit.

  • Quasar

    accurate sight

    charge trigger

This fix allows to use Quasar in charge mode without aiming.

  • Nekomata 5 round magazine

Originally 4 round magazine is pretty annoying to reload. Fortunately, the weapon model and the reality standards say that there must be at least 5

rounds in a detachable magazine like that. The game with the fix on it’s own slightly lessens the weapon damage per shot to maintain the balance.

  • Grad 10 round magazine

The same annoying 4 rounds, but check this: judging by the image below even the author of this rifle haven’t expected that it will be 4 some day. The same

rebalance from the game. I know it and I support it.

  • Berserk cyberware armor boost fix

The description says “increases Armor and Resistances by 10%”. But the real bonus in game database is 5 or 10 Armor flat. Lets not fool a player? The fix

makes it to be a multiplier instead of that.

  • Berserk cyberware resistances fix

Because you can’t obtain resistances as simply as armor, the flat increase fits. But where is it? You get exactly 0. The stat which should be used as a

reference been lost somewhere. How funny xD I have added it back to an each implant so that can start to work too.


    Sonic Shock legendary quickhack passive fix and

  • Cripple Movement legendary quickhack passive fix

These legendary quickhacks promise you a lot, but use Ping on enemies and it suddenly turns out that the enemies become alerted. Makes the use of

these two quickhacks questionable. The fix by Scissors is simple:  add “Stealth” tag like on the rest of quickhacks which already don’t alert the enemies

and can be found in game database.

  • Saratoga and rifle scopes

Look how nicely it sits on these weapons. How not to have that 😮

  • Pulsar and rifle scopes

  • Attacks per second to damage per shot fix

This fix allows to increase fire rate of a weapon without dropping it’s damage per shot the same time. For me the sole purpose of this fix was to make

the triple shot mod to be actually useful instead of doing nothing. But instead this fix have broke the game from the other side by making the mod to be

the choice without an alternative due a huge damage increase. That was really unsatisfying 😮 and made me look for an answer for a month. Yet the fix is

needed to fix the mod and make it useful like I have wanted.

  • 2 rounds at once mod fix

Well funny, It’s literally written that the tipple shot must be a double shot mod. So I have reduced the additional projectiles from 2 to 1. Now it does how the

descriptions says. More to that, the mod increased cycle time on 0.3 seconds flat and that’s unsignificant. I have remade that increase to be a weapon’s

cycle time multiplied on 3. That will be x4 overall. In the result the mod is properly adjusted judging by the dps =) It’s a bit higher on Burya with the mod

than without and it’s the power of a double shot, like it always should be!

  • Vertical recoil elimination mod for tech weapons

There is a mod for tech weapon which is broken and forgotten. There is even a better mod with 50% charge time reduction. The fix swaps the broken 

mods to vertical recoil elimination mods. This way you can have them on tech weapons too.


    Optics Jammer daemon fix and

  • Weapons Jammer daemon fix

That’s how it happens: you upload these demons and whenever they trigger, you character looses enormous amounts of Ram and gets cooldowns. These

fixes makes copies of quickhack effects to be used in daemons but makes them free of consequences for you. Also, for the Weapons Jammer daemon,

the level of the quickhack used has been reduced from 4 to 1, since the Optics Jammer also uses level 1.

  • Cedric cyberpsycho is boss fix

And the few last simple fixes by Scissors. This fix makes the only cyberpsycho in the game which weren’t a boss to be a boss.

  • Aaron McCarlson fix

Changes him to be a neutral ganger instead of aggressive ganger. That might save his life.

  • Hard Mofo description fix

The most simple fix. It makes the description show 10 seconds instead of 1, because the actual duration is 10. By the way this perk properly increases

armor on 10% and gives 10% flat to resistances, the same as Berserk cyberware was fixed. That means the fix is defenetly not a mistake. Enjoy the mod =)

  • Ghost perk fix and

  • Optical Camo fix

These fixes change the calculation method for visibility(detection time) from x-0.9x(for camo) and x-0.4x(Ghost lvl2) to 0.1x and 0.6x. Because the stat is

simply broken. Even if Ghost perk lvl 1(is fixed too) and optical camo are combined, the stat goes lower than 0, and the enemies actually detect you faster.

If the stat is limited to 0, the balaclavas don’t work anymore. Because they use the same stat and it’s exactly negative. The heck.

(Published on: 2023-08-25 14:38:00)

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