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Armour and Clothing

– Silver Six –

Opening my Virtual Atelier Store!

I’ll be focusing on clothing for both Male and Female V, prioritizing the bodies I use, which are Vanilla (+ arasaka cyberarms for Male V). I may or may not refit for other bodies, or other people may or may not help me in doing so

But my nº1 priority will be vanilla <3

I’ll focus on porting clothing I find interesting, like, or would like to wear, focusing on games with aesthetics I like

This mod does nothing on its own! You gotta download clothes from their pages or nothing will show up in the store!

– Available – *

Andrea’s Outfit

– MV / GYM

Andrea’s Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Gentiana’s Outfit

 – MV / FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Cloud’s Corset Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Cloud’s Corset Outfit

 – MV

Tifa’s Kimono Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Tifa’s Short Dress Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Kairi’s KH3 Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Prompto’s Outfit

 – MV / GYM

Prompto’s Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Wizzo’s ‘Kassie’ Over-Knee Boots

 – MV

Aranea’s Outfit

 – MV / FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Gladio’s Outfit

 – MV / FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Aerith’s Layered Dress Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB / LSH

Reno’s Outfit

 – MV / FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Shiva’s Outfit

 – FV / EBBB / EBB / RB

Ported Male Accessories

– Kairi’s accessories –


– Aerith’s Layered Dress accessories

– MV

– Extra Update –

Included a refit pack for Kitsch arms users!




or any mod that includes these models (I’m unaware of more)

Being one user myself, I thought it’d be nice if other people were able to still use accessories with the arms as well.

Ofc, if you use spiky variants it’s probable that bracelets will still clip, but if you don’t, or the bracelet is thin, you can get a use out of these.

It’s for both arms, if you are using just one arm the non-kitsch arm may end up with floatier accessories, but still won’t clip.

This pack will only be uploaded and updated here on this page.

I’ll probably do a similar pack for the arasaka arms and pull the extra folders added from the mods in which I’ve included such refit before.

Kitsch arms

Model: Vi (Private) by me using a private edit and recolor of the arms

– Update –

Now introducing refit packs!

In optional files you’ll find single files with refits per body mod

Body mods supported: EBB, EBBB and RB

Refits will continue to go individually to their respective modpages, but if you don’t want a bunch of extra archives I do recommend installing the pack instead

The packs do nothing on their own

, they’ll still need the main file from the mods

Hope you peeps like the convenience of these packs <3

I’m not sure if I’ll update them with each new clothing release or if I’ll update them in batches, so we’ll see

For now it includes refits up to latest release (Shiva’s outfit)


Model: Vero (Private) by



Model: Nyx


 by me


Model: Quinn


 by me

– Look1

– Installation –

Install the requirements

Virtual Atelier mod

and its requirements

Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/


To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Thanks to


 for the assistance!


MV – Male Vanilla

FV – Female Vanilla

EBBB – Hyst’s Enhanced Breasts + Big Butt

EBB – Hyst’s Enhanced Big Breasts

RB – Hyst’s Realistic Butt

GYM – Gymfiend

LSH – Lion’s Lush/SoLush bodies

Cyberware Atelier

Nails Atelier

Collab Atelier with Breezypunk

(Published on: 2023-09-03 16:29:00)

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Silver Six Store - Female-7032-13-1693677123.7z 1 Download
Silver Six Store - Male-7032-10-1691966857.7z 1 Download
Refit pack - BOOBA-7032-1-1693677267.7z 1 Download
Refit pack - BOOBABUTT-7032-1-1693677376.7z 1 Download
Refit pack - BUTT-7032-1-1693677450.7z 1 Download
Refit pack - Kitsch Arms Female-7032-1-1693754940.7z 1 Download

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