(Silver Six Store) Wizzo’s ‘Kassie’ Over-Knee Boots – Male V

Armour and Clothing

Wizzo’s ‘Kassie’ Over-Knee Boots – Male V – Archive XL

Original colors

 available, alongside extra ones to match my





May or may not clip with poses, or may or may not clip with other types of clothing

Wizzo was gracious enough to allow me to refit these for male, to test a theory I had (getting rid of the feet so male can wear heels) and releasing them myself!

I’ve sent him my custom recolors, and he’ll update the original fem version when he’s able and has time <3

– Available for-

Vanilla Male V

If you are gonna ask for a different refit, consider: learn how to refit and offer to make it yourself <3

I’ll refit things if I feel like refitting them, not because Imma have people asking for them..

– Installation –

Install the requirements



Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/


To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Get it in my store!

CET Codes



(Published on: 2023-09-03 22:46:00)

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