(Silver Six Store) Andrea’s Outfit – Male V – Archive XL

Armour and Clothing

Andrea’s Outfit – Male V – Archive XL

Andrea Rhodea’s outfit from FFVII, for Male V

7 colors available

May or may not clip with poses, or may or may not clip with other types of clothing

Equipment-Ex compatible



 for his guide (based on the oficial ones) and holding my hand through the process so I wouldn’t get stuck in stupid problems

damn that / instead of /


– Available for-

Vanilla Male V


– Update –

Added a Vest variant and a new white and gold color by request while I was at it

Cleaned up files, please delete the ones from the following picture



Gymfiend refit for version 1.3.5 with the added crop and appearance will be worked on now.

Gymfiend version 1.3.5 refit now available too!

– Update –

Added Gymfiend refit thanks to LadyLea!

Also thanks Shaundi for the preview pic as I try to get my game working again! <3

– Installation –

Install the requirements



Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/


To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Get it in my store!

CET Codes



Thanks to chevvy_yates, Jessxmetal, NullVektor, Skelly, The Void Jester and Shaundi for providing pics and testing! <3

(Published on: 2023-09-03 17:17:00)

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