(Silver Breezy Store) Boho Dress Variations and Recolors – Archive XL

Armour and Clothing

Boho Dress Variations & Recolors – Archive XL

Custom recolors by


and original vanilla available for both Female and Male V!

Variations include Dress, sleeveless dress, blouse, sleeveless blouse, and skirt!

– Available for –

Fem V

Male V

Hyst Booba & Butt

– Installation –

Install the requirements
Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/

To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Thanks to peeps for the extra pics! Credited under each of them! <3

Known issue: Clipping may occur during certain poses, especially under the arms!

Get it in the store!

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(Published on: 2023-08-10 15:50:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Boho Dress and Variants - Vanilla Fem V and Masc V-8945-1-0-1691678656.7z 0 Download
Boho Dress and Variants - Hyst Booba-8945-1-0-1691678717.7z 0 Download
Boho Dress and Variants - Hyst BoobaButt-8945-1-0-1691678839.7z 0 Download
Boho Dress and Variants - Hyst Butt-8945-1-0-1691678763.7z 0 Download

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