(Silver Breezy Store) Alt’s Cyberdeck – Archive XL – AMM Prop

Armour and Clothing

Alt’s Cyberdeck – Archive XL – AMM Prop

Alt’s cyberdeck now available!

Equipment-Ex compatible and recommended!

AMM prop version also available! – Open and closed versions!

Why make things easy when you can go overboard with them


’s recolors and vanilla color available

No stickers as base – sticker replacers available – will affect both accessory and prop

Stickers will get a textured appearance from the deck itself, so appearance might vary – by this I mean that the stickers won’t look the same metallic/shine/roughness/bump-wise with all the colored decks

Example pic



Included in misc files a template to create your own sticker replacer

To look for the prop, search “silverbreezy” in the AMM prop menu

I’ve made a full version (Belt, Leg Straps and Deck in one) and a modular version so people can mix and match the deck with the straps and belt, also for photomode/roleplay purposes (take off the deck from the belt and use the prop version to take pics, Immersive™)

– Includes –

Full deck

– Takes ThighRight slot


– Takes AnkleRight slot


– Takes Waist slot

Leg Straps

– Takes ThighRight slot

Why does it go over the right leg instead of the left leg like the original model?

Noticed Alt’s cyberdeck was actually mirrored/flipped, so the text on the stickers was unreadable. When compared to the AMM prop available this was even more obvious. Because I like things to make sense, I mirrored it and made it go over the other leg.

Once we work on Alt pants, the pants will also be mirrored so the belt will go through the hoops neatly without clipping – this means this deck will probably clip with other people’s Alt pants.

Mirrored Alt pants are now here!

– Available for-

Vanilla Fem V

Vanilla Male V

Hyst’s Booty

– Update –

Forgor to upload the sticker replacers, whoops

– Installation –

Install the requirements



Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/


To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Thanks to


for the weight fix so the deck won’t bend while posing, preventing the stickers from clipping and therfore making it look more natural overall!

Thanks to


for helping me with the prop!


to you *fingerguns*

Get it in the store!

CET Codes



(Published on: 2023-09-04 00:22:00)

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Alt Cyberdeck - AMM Prop-8875-1-1690832160.7z 0 Download
Alt Cyberdeck - Sticker Replacers-8875-1-1691335351.7z 0 Download
Alt Cyberdeck - Vanilla Female and Vanilla Male-8875-1-1-1693783325.7z 0 Download
Alt Cyberdeck - BOOTY-8875-1-1690646909.7z 0 Download
Modder Resource - Sticker Creation Kit-8875-1-1690646780.7z 0 Download

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