(Silver Breezy Store) Alt Pants Recolors and Variations – Archive XL

Armour and Clothing

Alt Pants Recolors and Variations – Archive XL

Breezypunk’s recolors and vanilla now in ArchiveXL alongside a male refit!

Full, capri and short variants available!

Put a lil bit of extra effort to make the edges not so laser cut 😀 Hope you like them this way <3

Mirrored so they won’t clip with our

Alt cyberdeck


A no studs replacer is available as well! – located in misc files

– Available for-

Vanilla Fem V

Vanilla Male V

Hyst’s Booty

– Installation –

Install the requirements



Drag the files to  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/


To uninstall, simply erase the files from the folders or move them somewhere else for safekeeping.

Get it in the store!

CET Codes



(Published on: 2023-09-04 00:13:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Alt Pants - Vanilla Female and Vanilla Male-9007-1-1-1693782818.7z 1 Download
Alt Pants - HYST-9007-1-1692581596.7z 1 Download
Alt Pants - No Studs-9007-1-1692581662.7z 1 Download

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