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Armour and Clothing

Something i always kinda wanted, cause i thought it might look cute and cool was to wear the Alt Tank Top underneath the cropped version of the Bodysuit (which some NPC wear). But the top clips underneath the bodysuit. A lot.

So for my first AXL mod i thought, i could try to make this work. And here we are 🙂



refitted the Cropped Bodysuit in Blender so you can wear the Tank Top underneath (almost) without clipping. There are still some poses where minor clipping can happen, but it’s nothing what Photoshop/GIMP can’t deal with. You can mix and match these as you wish or of course also wear both on their own. However since i had to make the bodysuit wider, it looks a little bit funny sometimes without the Alt Tank underneath. Just play with camera angles when you take photos.


or more butchering in Blender


Well, i tried. Without going insane.

So for now besides for the

Vanilla Body

my clothes are available


for the

Vanilla Small Breasts

and the

Vanilla Big Breasts


. You can find the VTK version of these bodies


. And it will stay this way for a while until i get more experience in Blender and actually feel like i can give it another shot without losing my sanity xD. Also the refits aren’t perfect but it’s the best i can do for now.


Added refits for both tops for the

Enhanced Big Breast Body

, which you can find



Please note:

  • Allthough you can wear both Tops together without

    Equipment Ex

    , i highly recommend to use it nontheless.

  • The Refit for the Vanilla Big Breast Body is NOT compatible with the Enhanced Big Breast Body.

You can find the spawn codes inside the mod folders. Or use my

Atelier Store

to buy these clothes in game.


Download and install the requirements first and then “Rosa’s Alt Tank Top” and/or “Rosa’s Cropped Bodysuit”. Unzip the files and install them in your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder. If you want to wear the refitted versions install the Mesh replacer on top of the main files. The replacer files have to load before the man files, so i put a 0_ in front of these to make sure they do. Only use


mesh replacer for each top at the same time


If you have enough of my mod, just delete both “Rosapexa_whatever_ you_chose” files from your “Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod” folder and the “Rosapexa_whatever_ you_chose” file from your “Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks/rosapexa” folder. And if you have installed a refit just delete the “0_Rosapexa_whatever_you_chose” file from your

“Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod”


Huge thank you goes to the lovely

Wandering Aledecaldo

for having the patience to deal with my three braincells and helping me to understand these things.

Also a massive thank you for testing and taking absolutely gorgeous photos goes to:

Steffi Syndrome


Miss River


Wandering Aldecaldo

(Published on: 2023-08-12 12:19:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Alt Tank Top-8911-1-0--1690995591.7z 1 Download
Alt Tank Top Mesh Replacer Big Breasts Body-8911-1-0--1690995822.7z 1 Download
Alt Tank Top Mesh Replacer Booba-8911-1-0--1691839132.7z 1 Download
Alt Tank Top Mesh Replacer Small Breasts Body-8911-1-0--1690995752.7z 1 Download
Cropped Bodysuit-8911-1-0--1690995625.7z 1 Download
Cropped Bodysuit Mesh Replacer Big Breasts Body-8911-1-0--1690995903.7z 1 Download
Cropped Bodysuit Mesh Replacer Booba-8911-1-0--1691839171.7z 1 Download
Cropped Bodysuit Mesh Replacer Small Breasts Body-8911-1-0--1690995875.7z 1 Download

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