This is my first ever pose pack for Cyberpunk 2077. I hope y’all like it.

Note: I barely had any time to take photos. The time I had allocated towards taking photos was instead re-allocated towards fixing a nasty t-pose bug. I’ll add photos to the gallery within 24 hrs. If you download this mod feel free to submit your own photos to the gallery!


  • You are required to have the latest

    Appearance Menu Mod (AMM)


    Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET)

  • This mod was built and tested with the latest Cyberpunk 2077 patch as of May 2023 (Cyberpunk 1.63 RTO update). Support for earlier versions of the game, AMM or CET is not guaranteed.


  • 22 masculine & 22 feminine poses

    with a romantic theme. All poses are made by me.

  • Quick and easy to use.

    Poses “snap” to each other so you don’t need to waste time manually positioning NPCs. See the quickstart guide below to see how this works!

Quick-Start Guide – Posing & Snapping

If you’ve never posed before or if you’re curious about how snapping works, watch this quick video to bring you up to speed. Brought to you by Johnny Silverhand.

Future Roadmap

  • M.P.A.F Support
  • “Inverted”/”Mirrored” poses -> All fem poses to have a masculine equivalent and vice versa.
  • More poses! This is my first ever pose pack and there’s still a lot i’d like to do.

Credits & Socials

Thanks to xBaebsae and manavortex for the documentation that helped make this possible. Huge thanks to all my testers from a variety of servers that have left feedback over the past month of development.


(Published on: 2023-06-04 22:18:00)

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