Rev’s Poses – Preem Kicks Pack


A set of



56 (21 MascV and 35 FemV) poses

(and more to come as inspiration strikes)

focused on showing off footwear. Made using plenty of reference images and a little personal flair here and there.

**Update – August 5th, 2023**

Added 17 more poses. MascV versions of poses coming as soon as I get them copied over and tweaked. (Soon



**August 27th, 2023**

I neglected my boys for too long. I’ve added a few poses from the FemV side that would translate well over to MascV. No retargeting here, every pose is created from scratch to make sure masculine body language is retained. Also I’m dumb.

For now, let’s consider this mod complete. Any new poses will be considered “Volume 2”

hint hint


FemV notes

There are two poses, with the hands near the ankles. They are very similar but meant to be used with either pants or bare legs. You’ll know when you see them.

Keep in mind, there are a few contortions and some poses


not look right from


angles, but once you find that perfect angle you’ll see what I saw.

Feel free to post your shots that you get using this pack here. I’d love to see what other people can do with it.

(and I’ll be able to tell if I messed up anywhere)

For now, only FemV available. That doesn’t mean I won’t get to making a MascV version, I just dont have a MascV to test with.

Male V poses now inlcuded in main file! Thanks to


for helping me make sure they turned out alright!



Photo Mode Unlocker

Patience and Inspiration

Install using Vortex Mod Manager, or if you’re


you can install manually.

(.xl and .archive files go in archive/pc/mod and .yaml goes in r6/tweaks)

Manavortex for their ArchiveXL pose tutorial

xBaebsae for their posing tutorial

the AMM discord for the community and inspiration

Zwei for her motivation to get me to actually release this to other people.

Follow me on Twitter!

This is my first mod on the Nexus, but definitely won’t be the last…

(Published on: 2023-08-27 07:08:00)

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