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Moment of silence for the poor Tyger Claws that gave their lives so Sofia could demonstrate Juri’s poses…

This pack was a request, which turned out to be a fun challenge. Contains 24 poses based on Juri Han’s Moveset from Street Fighter 6! Included you’ll find lots of kicks, a few taunts, and some overall great poses that allow your FemV to channel Juri’s bad bitch energy. 

There are two versions of the pose throwing the finger, one is more accurate to the concept art version and the other with the head turned further back. Just in case your V decides to not look at the camera properly. Also it looks better when you take the photo from behind, if thats what you’re into.

Massive thanks to @dusty2077 for graciously providing me early access to Juri’s outfit so I could take the preview images. Find it here!!! [


You know the drill; the usual requirements are needed for this to work:



PMU 1.6 XL

Install using Vortex Mod Manager, or if you’re

wild (like Juri)

you can install manually.

Simply extract zip into your Cyberpunk folder.

This time around, AXL and AMM are releasing with parity between each other. No differences between the two.

Manavortex for their ArchiveXL pose tutorial

xBaebsae for their posing tutorial

the AMM discord for the community and inspiration

Zwei for telling me about CanvasFog, which led me to absolutely overdo it in the preview images…

@nihilist_penguin for the request and references

@dusty2077 for providing me Juri’s outfit to take the preview photos!

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Feet pics provided free of charge…this time….

(Published on: 2023-08-28 23:34:00)

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