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Visuals and Graphics


Seamless Grading Removal

Realcolorr is an all-new color grading removal tool that removes the color grading that Cyberpunk has, much like

E3 2018 LUT


This allows for a completely new feel and potential for both virtual photographers and ReShade creators to color grade non-destructively.

Realcolorr is just like all of my other mods. I have image and video perms open to you all, as well as the fact that this is


a ReShade preset.

It does have ReShade support, and I encourage you to make presets surrounding it even without the HDR data as you have a more neutral base to work with.

Non-destructive post-processing

Realcolorr is completely invertible, meaning that, using the correct methods, the whole process can be inverted to return full-range 16-bit HDR data.

DaVinci Resolve Workflow


Info: Realcolorr 1.0 is not able to be applied to this workflow.

After you have imported your media into Resolve, add two ACES transform nodes, either at the start and end of the clip level, or the pre/post-clip levels if you have set up a group. In the first one, set the input transform to sRGB and output to ACEScct, and in the second ACES transform node, set the input transform to ACEScct and output to sRGB.

Alternatively, set up an ACEScct color managed project with the input transform of sRGB set up.

In between the ACES IDT and ODT, you can do your color grades in ACEScct, and then export your finished graded images with ease.

Natural contrast


Vanilla uses an odd contrast, and Realcolorr 1.0 did as well, in conjunction with nearly all other LUT mods on Nexus that don’t use Vanilla as a base anyway (very few, but a notable one is NCLM.) This is because of the lack of gamma correction.



Outdated 1.0 data




Realcolorr 1.0 and 2.0 are extremely different. 1.0 is horribly inaccurate, and at times, I wish I could’ve just deleted this whole mod and started over. But, I recognize that even after I release 2.0, some are going to still prefer 1.0, as much as it goes against the entire point of the project.

Realcolorr 2.0 was made using an entirely documented, streamlined, and extremely accurate LUT creation workflow.

It’s right here


Realcolorr 2.0 was also tested using



By the way, if you want any further details, or need any help with the reverse-engineered LUT workflow, feel free to ping me at

null ?#0395

on the. . .

By the way, if you’re all the way down here, consider endorsing the mod. It really helps it out.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice time in Night City!

(Published on: 2023-06-04 18:41:00)

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