Real Police Siren


This will replace the siren and horn sounds on the three main police car variants with Whelen-based US emergency siren and horn patterns.

Affects the Archer Hella, Chevalier Emperor and Villefort Cortes police variants.  I’m assuming it will also work for the Sheriff and Border Patrol variants as well because they are just re-skins but, I have not tested them to be sure.

I made this because I was doing an NCPD roleplay stream, running from scanner to scanner in MONSTERaider’s NCPD uniform in NeHooYeY’s modified Police Hella – and the funky NCPD techno-siren sound just didn’t feel right, lol.  I’d been wanting to dive into modding so I figured this would be a good intro.

If there’s any interest, I was thinking about working on some police car requests I’ve seen around the community.  Enabling the regular radio stations and enabling a toggle for the lights without the siren noise are two that come to mind.  I did some initial digging and both seem do-able.

*This is a standard archive mod.  I tried to make a REDmod version but, the custom sound mechanic seems to be broken for this purpose. If anything, it’s better as a standard mod anyway, IMHO.


Install manually by extracting the zip file directly into your Cyberpunk 2077 main game folder.

Also compatible with Vortex or any other CP2077 Mod Manager (Recommended)

Manual Removal

Open your main CP2077 folder and navigate to





Modified Police Hella

  • A sportier, more realistic-looking looking patrol car

MONSTERaider – NCPD Set ArchiveXL

  • NCPD uniform clothing items for every slot – AMAZING selection of styles and colors


  • Allows the use of the utility belt from the MONSTERaider NCPD uniform mod

Summonable Police Cars

  • Ability to add police cars to you garage (might not need this if you also have Virtual Car Dealer – I have both installed though)

Virtual Car Dealer

  • Ability to purchase police cars from computer terminals (and other cars – see the mod page for full details)

Immersive NCPD Hotline

  • Adds some protection against accidental warrants and the ability to quickly pay for removal of warrants.

NCPD spawn tweak

  • Makes the NCPD warrant spawns more sensible.  No spawns at one star but more spawns at higher stars. Tweakable via config file.

(Published on: 2023-08-23 17:35:00)

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