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User Interface

What it does:

This mod allows you to automatically read all shards in the Shards menu by clicking on one of two new buttons:

– Read New – to read all unread shards (flagged as New),

– Read All – to read all shards regardless of state.

Quest related shards update quests on the automatic read (e.g. update quest objectives as if read manually).

However, I would recommend really reading such shards first to keep up with the story flow.

They may also contain additional information supporting the quest.

E.g. an access code to dial on a panel in the game.

When should I use “Read New” or “Read All” if both seem to do the same?

Take “Read New” if you don’t use other mods that react to shard reads (usual cases).

Take “Read All” if you use mods that expect some shards to be read even if you had already read them manually earlier (special mods cases).

Speaking technically: ‘Read New’ executes faster and generates less CPU overhead than ‘Read All’ because it only updates the game on the unread shards.

What it does not do:

– it does not read encrypted shards. These shards are skipped and if they were marked as “New” they stay in this state so you can easily identify them,

– it does not read custom shards that are not registered in the native game quest database (e.g. shards added by other mods).

Special use cases:

1) If combined with the Missing Persons mod, it switches the shard read method from an instant update behind the scenes to on-screen scrolling.

This is necessary to support the way the other mod handles shard reads.

However this method has some side effects:

– It takes longer to read the shards as it has to scroll through the whole list on the screen.

– It’s a bit noisy as it’s accompanied by the game UI sounds which are beyond this mod control.

– Some shard group headers may not remove “New” flags, despite all shards in a group already being read.

This is actually how the game works when doing it manually – they will be fully updated on the next Shards menu visit.

2) If you combine this mod with the Missing Persons mod and the Find-EX mod, and then use the Find-EX search box to filter the shards list, this mod may not be able to read shards outside the displayed list.

For the best results please use it on an unfiltered shards list in this case.

If you use the Missing Persons mod, you may also be interested in my mod that facilitates reading job-requested shards:

Missing Persons Read Shard Add-On

Compatibility info:

Created and tested in the game v1.6301.

Not tested against earlier versions.

Install or update:


– use Vortex manager. Please note it may sometimes not work properly due to the Vortex  issues.


– drop extracted “bin” folder into your game folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.



– use Vortex manager if it was installed by Vortex.


– remove the folder: …/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/read_shards


Special thanks to


for his game UI research that allowed me to add buttons in the shards menu.

Also special thanks to


for allowing me to use parts of his

Nano Drone

code utilizing the buttons so I did not have to reinvent a wheel.

Thanks to


for reporting issues stemming from other mods and providing details allowing me to make this mod resilient to these issues and coexist with these mods in effect.

The moud would not exist without

yamashi and the whole CET Team

(Published on: 2023-08-23 14:32:00)

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