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Cyberpunk x Quantum Engine

Quantum Engine is a technology that makes interacting with AI more intuitive, friendly, and powerful. To demonstrate the power of our technology and glimpse the future of immersive entertainment, we have created a mod for Cyberpunk 2077 that allows you to talk to any NPC in the game with your voice. Our “secret sauce” have enabled AI NPCs to have human-level response times on any platform, including AAA games, as demonstrated here.

Interested in seeing Quantum Engine deployed on more games? Please visit our website at cybermanufacture.co or email us at info@cybermanufacture.co.

Installation & Running Instructions

– Install Cyberpunk 2077 from Steam and RedMod, the official mod manager.

– Download the mod zip from https://cyberpunk.quantum-engine.ai. The file name should be in the format of `quantum_engine_{version}.zip`, where {version} represents the release date. When a new version is released, the previous version will be deprecated.

– Unzip the zip file and copy all contents inside the folder (e.g. `R6`) to the game’s root directory, e.g, `C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cyberpunk 2077`.

– Obtain a key from above and copy it to the file (assuming you are using Steam)  C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/key.txt . Replace [Enter your key here], a single line, no space, no newline, no quotes.

– Optionally, download the sample save file from https://cyberpunk.quantum-engine.ai, and copy it to the game’s save directory, e.g., `C:/Users/{username}/Saved Games/CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077`.

– Launch the game in Steam, click `Enable Mods` in the RedMod launcher and load the save file.

– When approaching any NPC in the Night City, a red modal will pop up saying `Quantum Engine started. You are talking to {NPC name}.` This indicates that the mod is working properly.

– If you would like to disable the mod, simply delete `key.txt`. If your key has expired or is invalid, you will see a red modal saying `Quantum Engine not logged in.`

– To uninstall the mod, you have to remove both the redscript scripts and the Red4ext plugins. We have provided a batch script to do this for you if you are using Steam. See `uninstall.bat` in the zip file for reference.

– The mod is compiled for Windows 11 64-bit. It is likely not compatible with other operating systems.

– The mod is dependent on and inspired by a number of other mod frameworks, including redscript, Red4ext, and Cyber Engine Tweaks. We thank the modding community for their contributions, especially Jack Humbert’s legendary Let There Be Flight.

– Want to help us improve the mod? Our redscript is open source and available here. Feel free to check it out and contribute! We welcome issues and pull requests. Here’s an example of fine-tuning the parameters: https://github.com/cyber-manufacture-co/cyberpunk-public/commit/8d55c7cf4f7a5ad0e8bd3a547a92fac3711e7855

– Our underlying language model could also use some improvements to be more immersive. Please send other feedbacks (e.g. prompt improvements) to peiyuan@cybermanufacture.co.

Quantum Engine redscript Interface

// This is the interface to the RED4ext extension, which interacts with the Quantum Engine server. We have only provided compiled binaries for Windows, but you can learn about the behaviors here:

// Since RED Engine uses a script-like system, we cannot stably preserve an object reference to the Quantum Engine extension. Instead, we use a singleton in our RED4ext extension.

// This means that all instantiations of this class will be the same object, and will share the same state. This is fine for our purposes, since we only need to interact with one NPC at a time.

public native class QuantumEngineAfterlife extends IScriptable {

// Start Quantum Engine with respect to the given NPC TweakDB ID. Returns true if this is the first time the engine has been started for this NPC.

public native func StartQuantumEngineAfterlife(name: String) -> Bool

// Returns true if the Quantum Engine connection is authenticated. You would need a token from cyberpunk.quantum-engine.ai to be able to use this mod.

public native func IsQuantumEngineLoggedIn() -> Bool

// Returns true if the Quantum Engine mod is disabled. The RED4ext extension will check for the existence of `C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/key.txt` to determine if the mod is enabled.

public native func IsQuantumEngineDisabled() -> Bool

// Pause the Quantum Engine for the given NPC TweakDB ID. This method will clear the audio playback, imitating a pause in conversation.

public native func PauseQuantumEngineAfterlife(name: String) -> Bool

// Returns true if the Quantum Engine has been started for any NPC.

public native func HasQuantumEngineStarted() -> Bool

// Returns the last utterance from the Quantum Engine. This is the text that is being spoken by the NPC. This method is expected to be constanly called / “polled” so that the audio playback and the text is in sync.

// If there is no utterance, this method will return an empty string.

public native func GetQuantumEngineUtterance() -> String


Reporting bugs

Please provide the following information when reporting bugs:

1. Click on “What does this report contain?” when the game crash dialog pops up. Then select the “Cyberpunk2077.dmp” file.

2. Also, find “bin/x64/quantum_afterlife.log” in your game directory and attach it to the bug report.

(Published on: 2023-08-28 11:07:00)

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