Quadra V-Tech E3 2018


Update v7

I removed replacers for download or placed them into old versions.

If you’ll try to use old replacer with current ArchiveXL version it may cause conflict.


v5 Update

Copper stripes material on the spoiler

added some damage to stripes mesh.


v4 Update

Rear trunk or hood same as on demo.

More dark/black body parts on the sides separated from main body to avoid dust layer covering them.

Fix for Virtual Car Dealer.


v3 Update

Rear Lights are full orange now.

License Plate on the front like on demo.

license plate wont deform or detach from bumper unfortunately, but ill get there.


v2 Update


Rear View Mirrors removed

Copper-green damaged stripes

Orange Rear Lights

You need

Material and Texture Override


Virtual Car Dealer

mods installed.

My restoration of E3 2018 Quadra V-Tech look, rough, in dust n scratches.

Exterior & Interior.

Price in Virtual Car Dealer: 30000

Command for Cyber Engine Tweaks –

                           Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_demo_e3”, true, false)


My other mods –

Arasaka Thermal Katana

OV3RCHROME – Visual Overhaul

Quadra Type-66 “Phantom”

Quadra Type-66 “Classic”

Silver Black Caliburn

Silver Javelina

Modified Burya

Modified Liberty

Modified Ajax

No Wet Roads At Night

Modified Malorian

Elysium Sound Replacement For Burya

Vanilla DR-12 Quasar & RT-46 Burya Sights Fix

PayPal: LesnoyHigh@gmail.com

(Published on: 2023-08-18 17:22:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Quadra E3 2018-7866-7-0-1690078706.zip 0 Download
Quadra E3 2018 Green Variant-7866-7-0-1692375729.zip 0 Download
Quadra E3 2018 V3 Replacer-7866-v3-1680919338.zip 0 Download
Quadra E3 V2 Replacer-7866-2-0-1680606139.zip 0 Download
Quadra V-Tech E3 2018-7866-1-0-1679628578.zip 0 Download

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