Quadra Type-66 Phantom



Quadra Phantom Mk. VI

More parts to enable/disable !

Update v8.

New MK VI-C variant with police wheels can be bought in Virtual Car Dealer

Price now 85.000 instead of 100.000.

Also front bumper should finally be black and not grey.


Made new trunk cover cap

Added Police Rear Bumper for Mk VI/VI-B


Now you have UI with same stuff but organized.

For now toggling works when player is inside the vehicle, I’m looking for way to add simple target lock feature.

Known issues –

UI will show up when game loads so youll have to open-close CET overlay, ill fix it soon

Car components reset when you go 20 meters away.

Dim headlights.


New Mk. VI-B avalible with glass windows and clean hood(no turbos) + air intake(togglable)

Holos are also removed for that variant.

Toggle On/Off Components with bind in CET menu keys.

List of components you can toggle –

Nomad Roof Cover

Head Lights Bumper Cap

Rear Police Bumper

Trunk Cap

Body Shields

Police Wheels

Lower Bumper Holo

Upper Bumper Cap Holo

Roof Lights

Deathrace Roof Air Intake Thing

Holos on older Phantom Mk III


Save & Load Components State buttons.

Reset Components State Button that will enable all components back.

You can own six Phantoms now

Silver Mk.VI –

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk6”, true, false)

Silver Mk.VI-B –

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk6_b”, true, false)

Silver MK.VI-C

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk6_c”, true, false)

Black Mk.VI

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk6_black”, true, false)


Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk3”, true, false)

Mk. II

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(“Vehicle.quadra_phantom_mk2”, true, false)

Lights are dim and i dont know what i broke and when sorry.

Silver material slightly changed.

Black color, icon and preview image for Virtual Car Dealer added for Mk.VI

Special Thanks to keanuWheeze for code that i edited to include other components and KRNLNIK for making new sick holo texture and overall help with stuff i would never figure out on my own.


Youll need


in addition to current requirements


You need

Material & Texture Override

My other mods –

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Silver Javelina

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PayPal for support back pain is no joke: lesnoyhigh@gmail.com

(Published on: 2023-08-28 04:44:00)

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