Preem Water 2.0 ( Canon – Pure – Tropical – Paradise )

Visuals and Graphics

General water texture and animation improvements. Three options to choose from: standard, tropical, and canon!

  • Default Preem Water (now called Pure)

    has increased normal texture intensity and lower scale for a crisp surface and more natural world scale.

  • Tropical Preem Water

    has entirely different light scattering, from depth to sun reflectivity, and a tropical color. It also has reduced animation speed with lower refraction to let you see closer to the ocean floor. I’ve also taken inspiration from user crubino and removed some of the trash from the seabed and shoreline.

  • Canon Preem Water

    is the closest version to vanilla with a few significant changes; surface reflectivity has been reduced for less shiny reflections, the scatter depth reduced for a muddier look, wave size has been increased, animation slowed, and normal intensity reduced to give the waters surface a less appealing look.

In addition to the water property changes, I’ve also reformed the water flow mesh from the sewers and altered the properties to better match the surface. Unfortunately, the animated particles are stuck with a metallic property (for now) and lack translucency so they don’t exactly look like water. I have also adjusted the world WaterMap which fixes the intensity of the waves in certain areas of the map.

For sandy beaches and trash-free shores, check out my new

Preem Shores


Version 1.0 sliders (now outdated but still available to download):

MORE COMING SOON! They are a lot of work to make.


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Also check out my new “Preem” mods! (More to come)

(Published on: 2023-08-26 18:13:00)

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