Pointy Ears


Pointy Ears

They are finally here, for your elven dreams!

Now that morphtargets finally work, we are able to actually make our on shapekeys (face options) and people are able to choose these alongside whatever other face option they have <3 So no head replacers! Or anything to equip! You get these ears and you can still have your regular facial features!

Now comes the list of disclaimers / warnings / notes:

Blackout tattoo and piercings have been shapekeyed/adapted accordingly!

Might clip with some hairstyles!

Compatible with:

Angy’s eye fix

Ear Cyberware

– A version compatible with these is now available!

Not compatible with:

Halv’s Morph Texture Removal

 – A version with these textures are available, so don’t worry! – Such version has “Halv” added at the end of the name.

Any other mod that changes V’s head, like custom heads that kill the morphtargets (like those fancy mods with cool metal jaws)

Atm there’s none, but if anyone else decides to make more facial options, these won’t be compatible with theirs, since these won’t be included (we’d be editing the same model/file).

Thanks to the peeps who took extra pics! Credited under each one!

And thanks Angy for fixing the problems this was giving me, hopefully I can figure out what I did wrong so I might create more stuff for these with no trouble later!

And thanks to the peeps working on wkit for figuring out how to work with morphtargets <3

– Installation –

1. Pick the archive and place in  *:/Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

2. Create the folder if you don’t have one.

To uninstall, simply erase the mod from the folder or move it somewhere else for safekeeping.

(Published on: 2023-04-15 18:43:00)

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Pointy Ears - Male - Halv-8082-1-1681521585.rar 0 Download

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