PMA Jeans Archive XL — Masc V — Adonis — Gymfiend

Armour and Clothing

Recolors and ArchiveXL version of the in-game jeans for masc V. Works for Adonis, Gymfiend, and Vanilla masc V. Special thanks to


for letting me use her Rogue pants mlsetups as the base materials! Recolors feature custom stitching for the mesh, or use the no stitching version if that’s your thing. Choose between skinny leg and vanilla original.

.zip includes:

  • 38 recolors of masc V jeans added via ArchiveXL
  • readme with command codes for spawning via console until I finish the Virtual Atelier

Choose from several options:

  • custom skinny leg mesh, refit for most boots & taller shoes; some clipping at the ankles
  • original game mesh, straight leg fit (Gymfiend mesh refit courtesy of the

    Gymfiend Team

    , thanks guys!) —


    : will clip with most shoes! Works well with loafer-type shoes, as well as

    Maylin’s Paul Night shoes

    , or barefoot if you wanna do that in NC.
  • plus with or without stitches


Drag the `bin` and `r6` folder to the Cyberpunk install folder. Alternatively, install the mod archive and XL files in the `mod`

directory, and the folder with the .yml file in the `tweaks` folder.

To uninstall, delete the above files from their respective folders.


The YAML and XL files are the same across all of the versions. You only need to switch out the archive if you want to use a different mesh.

Available via Virtual Atelier:

Washed & Worn Virtual Atelier

Item spawn codes:




  • a-pirate for the reference photos
  • miss–river, dustymagpie, thenocturnalblossom, morganlefaye, breezypunk, oneslowzz, cubfan82, and gloryride for testing and pics!
  • mana’s


     that got me part of the way; plus the other tutorials from




     from the modding server that originally got me started with Poison Ivy; cubfan82 for holding my hand through my initial learning process while working on Poison Ivy; and 86Maylin for being an awesome friend
  • and once again, Poison Ivy Val for giving me a reason to learn ArchiveXL

Usage permissions:

For NPV only

you can use the mesh or mlsetups in this mod with proper credit, either via readme distributed with the NPV that links to this page or my


, or by tumblr post that tags me and links to the mod download. If you use the original game mesh for Gymfiend, please credit Ghartios as well.

Any other usage is forbidden without express approval.

If you have questions or want to use the mesh/files on an NPC, please hit me up on


or on Discord in one of the modding servers. I’ll be happy to talk and share raw files.

(Published on: 2023-08-27 22:26:00)

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All Masc 0 Download
GYMFIEND - Regular Leg 0 Download
GYMFIEND - Regular Leg Jeans no 0 Download
GYMFIEND - Skinny Leg 0 Download
GYMFIEND - Skinny Leg Jeans no 0 Download
VANILLA-ADONIS - Regular Leg 0 Download
VANILLA-ADONIS - Skinny Leg Jeans no 0 Download
VANILLA-ADONIS - Skinny Leg 0 Download
VANILLA-ADONIS - Skinny Leg Jeans no 0 Download

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