Photorealistic Reshade and Modlist

Visuals and Graphics


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If you downloaded and like my preset.

2.0 Heavily enhanced

1-2 fps loss

reducing blur and green tint

enhancing graphics

Reshade 4.9.1 is needed

used shader:

prod80_04_ColorBalance @ PD80_04_Color_Balance.fx,

Lightroom @ qUINT_lightroom.fx,

Levels @ Levels.fx,

Clarity @ Clarity.fx,

ContrastAdaptiveSharpen @ CAS.fx

easy way is just downloading all shaders with 4.9

you don’t havve any shader loading time anyway

Nearly zero FPS loss, You can easy turn DOF and Vignette off with Numpad * or /.

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How to reshade installation video:


Follow my

Youtube Cha


Recommended Mods

coming soon


1. Download


2. Extract to a location

3. Install it into your cyberpunk2077 folder where the cyberpunk2077.exe is

4. Download Photorealistic Reshade and put the .ini into the same cyberpunk2077 folder

5. activate it ingame with home(pos1)  and select Photorealistic.ini


crosire for Reshade

(Published on: 2023-04-13 10:54:00)

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