NPCTool – Quickhacks oufits and vehicles


This mod adds simple tooltip based information and tools for ingame NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077.


Full vehicle support added aswell as Quickhacks on all NPCs!

Within the tooltip you are able to select a different appearances for the scanned NPC and Vehicles.

When supported on the target, some quickhacks are available using the keyboard’s function keys.

Scanning occurs when the scanner is enabled and the target is in the center of the viewport.


The mod requires Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.06 and

Cyberpunk Engine Tweaks v1.8.3

or higher.


Place the ‘NPCTool’ folder in ‘/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods’.


Press [INSERT] to enable/disable the scanner. The scanner automatically targets the NPC of Vehicle you are looking at.

The tooltip will show the full name of the target. All available options will be listed. If a NPC is familiar, it will also list all available outfits.

If the target is a vehicle, all available skins are listed.

Appearances: Outfits and Skins

Use [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN] to browse throug outfits or skins. Non familiar targets will switch outfits randomly.

Interactions: Effects and Quickhacks

Most NPCs are mortal and will have options. Using the interactions will trigger animations but may not always be fatal on main or quest NPCs.


[END] Kill the NPC

[DEL] Set on fire


[F1] Stun

[F2] Overload

[F3] Malfuntion

[F4] Suicide (with gun)

Vehicle interactions:

[F1] Detach all parts


I’m continuously testing new NPCs, objects and vehicles and adding then to the scanner. Some require some string fixing or special names to unlock all outfits or skins. Please feel free to open new issues if you find an target that doesn’t list any outfits, skins or options. I will add them ASAP.

(Published on: 2021-01-22 21:23:00)

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