NPC Dino Dinovic Clothing Fix

Armour and Clothing

If you’ve ever wanted to use Dino in any shots or anything but can’t stand the vanilla clipping when you remove some layers, this should help you out

This was my first major refit, I was sitting on it for a while forgetting to upload it but it’s here!

You might still experience a

little bit

of clipping in the back of the tank top with poses that use a LOT of dramatic movement

but it should be pretty good otherwise, nothin a lil photoshop after edit can’t fix.

To use: place the .archive file in your mod folder

Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod



the REDMod folder)

To remove, just delete it/move it out of the folder

This mod is JUST for the clothing fix

you will


get a full Dino overhaul

the comparison images are the fixed meshes on a custom version I worked on myself

I did not change his torso body shape you see in the photos

anything that looks shaped different is due to the skin mod being different

**I will not be sending anyone my custom Dino model**

But, I can direct you to


of the mods used to build him

(always ask before you unbundle someone else’s mods unless the page specifically says otherwise)

Tattoo fix



images warning for following links)

Skin overhaul

Nipple piercings


Special thank you notes to the above links, as well as:


 for the first collab to fix this boy’s tattoo and enabling me

as well as


 cuz I wouldn’t be where I am with my modding without you two

Ya’ll spoiling me with help and encouragement

also smooches to


 for the new Dino hair

(Published on: 2023-04-10 21:40:00)

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