New Piercings Collection Vol. 1 -Outdated-


This mod is now outdated, altough still working. Check out

PRC Vol.2

for an updated and much improved version of this mod

Not compatible with xBaebsae’s

Facial Customisation Rig Fix – No more clipping Eyes

, since that slightly deforms the face rig.

If using

Photo Mode Unlocker

, you need to use the


version, available under ‘Old files’. The most recent version will also deform the face slightly, making most of these piercings clip horribily.

This mod uses

Nim’s More Head Meshes

to load the piercings. Only one mesh can be loaded per slot, so make sure your other mods are not using the same slots as this one.

Material and Texture Override

 is also necessary for the mod to work.

Refit with Fem V in mind, but some might work on Male V as well. You will have to find out on your own tho.

I will not be making more refits, or more new piercings untill I figure out a way to get shapekeys working, but feel free to drop suggestions in the comments. I’ll add them to the list for Vol. 2

Install Manually:

1: Download and extract the files of your choice.


Put in Cyberpunk2077/archive/pc/mod: at most one mesh per Nim’s MHM slot, and one or two recoloring files

. mat1 is the main recolor, mat2 recolors the insides of the flower and nose diamond piercings.

Example: nim2_lipring_2_6_7_8_13_14_17

-> This mesh uses nim’s mhm slot 2, and works with ‘mouth’ sliders 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 17.

Detailed install instructions included with ‘recolors’ file.

Uninstall :

1: Simply delete the files from the mod folder

If you have any ideas/suggestions/requests, please leave them in the comments or contact me on discord. I cannot guarantee I will make your

request, since I have a couple big ongoing projects. But I’ll add interesting ideas to the list 😉

Special Thanks to:

– Chaaxfo, Spinny, Chaotic neutral, Anrui, Rosslin, lc3Grade and First Player for helping me test the mod and take pictures <3

– SilverEzredes, for making an older version of PMU available, which makes this mod usable for some of you out there!

– Nim, for making More Head Meshes

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(Published on: 2023-03-15 20:38:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
New Piercings - All in One-7782-1-0-1678911357.7z 0 Download
Recolors-7782-1-0-1678911415.7z 0 Download
Bottom Fangs-7782-1-0-1678911742.7z 0 Download
Bridge-7782-1-0-1678911501.7z 0 Download
Chain-7782-1-0-1678911591.7z 0 Download
Dimples-7782-1-0-1678911627.7z 0 Download
Fangs-7782-1-0-1678911684.7z 0 Download
Fangs long-7782-1-0-1678911717.7z 0 Download
Flower-7782-1-0-1678911806.7z 0 Download
Lip Ring-7782-1-0-1678911844.7z 0 Download
Nose Diamond-7782-1-0-1678911883.7z 0 Download
Septum-7782-1-0-1678911904.7z 0 Download
Sides-7782-1-0-1678911945.7z 0 Download

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