Mullethawk Hair for Masc V


Next up in Masc V mohawk mashups: the mullethawk. Something of an alternate take on / inspired by the og

Short Messy Hair

. But with more mullet

(praise Sol)

. Because yes.

There are four flavors of the Standalone version, each with a different edited-to-fit cap style.

Alternatively, there’s a Modular, Capless version: this lets you use the cap styles and colors independently of each other. However, it requires some other mods to work (see below).

All versions replace Masc V Hair 30 (“nomad” hair)

and won’t affect NPCs, thanks to NoraLee and Silverlags’ UUH4V.

⫷    Option 1 – Standalone    ⫸

In this case you just need one .archive file from any Standalone:

  • Standalone with Cap







: download any Standalone mod from here, extract it and drop the “archive” folder into your main Cyberpunk directory ../Cyberpunk 2077. Alternatively, Vortex should also work.

⫷    Option 2 – Modular / Capless    ⫸

This requires

Nim’s More Head Meshes mod

, and

AnruiMurasaki’s Hair Caps mod

. If you are already familiar with Anrui’s hair mods this will work in the same way. If not:

Detailed Installation

: download the Modular – Capless mod from here (containing Hair and 4 Cap Styles), as well as the above two.

The following files are to be placed in this folder: ../Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

  • Hair Style:

    choose the .archive file from folder


  • Cap Style:

    choose one .archive file from folder



Hair Caps

  • Cap Color:

    choose any


  • Cap Mask:

    choose either


    if your V uses it, otherwise choose


  • Cap (slot):

    choose any of the Male


    slot #s which you aren’t already using (this corresponds to slots in Nim’s More Head Meshes)


More Head Meshes

  • Main Files:


— in total you will need 6 .archive files for this version to work —




Credit/Thanks to:

AnruiMurasaki for their awesome mods and their Hair Caps system

NoraLee and Silverlags for their UUH4V Framework, without which I’d not be able to reasonably bodge things together like this

The Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord servers

The Wolvenkit team

(Published on: 2023-04-14 17:59:00)

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Attached Files:

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Modular - Capless version-8079-1-0-1681486672.7z 0 Download
Standalone with Cap 01-8079-1-0-1681486470.7z 0 Download
Standalone with Cap 02-8079-1-0-1681486521.7z 0 Download
V Standalone with Cap 03-8079-1-0-1681486570.7z 0 Download
V Standalone with Cap 04-8079-1-0-1681486620.7z 0 Download

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