Missing Persons Read Shard Add-On


What it does:

This mod expands

the Missing Persons – Fixer’s Hidden Gems mod

 functionality by adding an extra button to quickly open requested shards if you already have them in your inventory.

Now you can open such shards directly from a Fixer’s gig message view with a single button press/click.

This saves you the trouble of navigating menus and sifting through long shard lists to find the required shard for a job.

This extra functionality is also designed to maintain the game’s immersion and

the Missing Persons mod

story flow.


What it does not do:

– it does not activate if

the Missing Persons mod

 is not installed or if it’s installed outside its default location (e.g. its folder is renamed).

– it does not change

the Missing Persons mod

 mod logic.

– it does not activate in gigs that require a shard that you don’t have in your inventory yet or if the gig objective is to go to a certain location without collecting a shard there.

– it does not activate in the game’s native messages, nor does it alter the game’s messages or shards.

– while greatly facilitating reading of

the Missing Persons

job’s shards, it does not provide any cheats, either to the game or to the main mod.

You may also be interested in my mod that allows you to read all shards with a single button click:

Read All Shards

Compatibility info:

Created and tested in the game v1.6301.

Not tested against earlier versions.

Created and tested for

the Missing Persons mod

 version 1.1.8, although it should work with a wider range of the mod versions as long as it keeps the basic internal data structure unchanged.

Install or update:


– use Vortex manager. Please note it may sometimes not work properly due to the Vortex  issues.


– drop extracted folders into your game folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.



– use Vortex manager if it was installed by Vortex.


– remove the folder: …/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/MissingPersons_read_shard_addon


First and foremost, a big thanks to


for the fabulous

Missing Persons mod

and for allowing me to release this add on.

Thanks to


for his game research, code snippets, coding advices, tips and tireless support.

Thanks to


for allowing me to use parts of his

Nano Drone


yamashi and the whole CET Team for

the Cyber Engine Tweaks

(Published on: 2023-08-24 17:59:00)

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