Militech Wetwork

Armour and Clothing


There is a soft requirement for Araska Cyberams. If you want the arm pictured in all the photos and the description than you will have to download Aanderz amazing Arasaka Cyber Arms.

Hairstyle Variants

At the removal of the gas mask filter coverings I can incorporate some player hairstyles. These files are labeled as HS(hairstyle number). For example HS35 means that it uses the in-game hairstyle that is number 35 in character creation.

Your hair color will match.

I have personally tested ALL player hairstyles that are labeled in the game files as being for the player. Some hairstyles appear to not be labeled with a player notation. More testing will be done to see if they work. If your hairstyle is not included it is because it does not work (warping and missing meshes) or is not labeled for player use and will possibly come in a future update.

Optional File Glove

The single Right hand Glove is an optional file. It replaces the Injection Marks from victor as well as an additional mesh called personal link. It will not affect any hacking animations. Your cable and stuff will still be present. The glove will always be on your character. It is only really designed to work with Left Arm only cyber arms.

Optional File Back Pouch Zipper details

The back pouch consists of 2 meshes. 1 controls the pouch and another the zippers and stitches that provide additional detail. In order to incorporate the latter I had to permanently add it to your character.

It replaces a mesh called “Seam Mesh Fix” that are those weird gray lines on your character’s body when wearing tank tops. By doing this the grey lines are gone and the outfit looks better. The item will be always on your character even when nude. But, due to the position of the zipper mesh it WILL NOT affect cutscenes where you are nude. It’s relatively unobtrusive and I highly recommend it. It is not compatible with any other mod that addresses the seam mesh/grey lines issue.



place the .archive file in your Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

Run game and add the items via the item codes using Cyber Engine Tweaks:

Item Codes are included in a Readme inside the zip folder as well as under the DOCS tab of the mod page

Known Issues

During some testing with the glove I found 1 cutscene where the cable didn’t show up. “SPOILER” where you meet Anders Hellman there is a link scene and there is no cable present. I don’t know if this is due to the glove mod or if it is a bug already in the game. So minimal I didn’t bother with more testing


Aanderz for their stunning work on the Arasaka Cyberarms mod. In addition, thank you for helping me trouble shoot a solution to the glove that did not require re-arranging your models and assets and allowed this mod to be independent of the Arasaka Cyber Arms.

(Published on: 2021-02-28 19:08:00)

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