Militech Berserker

Armour and Clothing

MILITECH Berserker B.E.A.R

Deciding that the old HAV was too cumbersome and limited mobility the

MILITECH Berserker Battle Equipment Advanced Rifleman (BEAR)

configuration was made. Adding magnetic hardpoints onto the cummerbund allowed operators to attach magazines directly to the vest without use of pouches thus reducing the overall weight of the vest. Pouches were generally removed from the front for easier movement when vaulting obstacles and operating vehicles. Many other pouches were simply removed as operators were continually feeling the need to fill them with unnecessary gear and adding unwanted weight. Any pouch that remained was secured to the back to to keep movement free. The


axe was secured to the back instead of the side as it was proving to be an annoyance with Operators.

MILITECH Berserker H.A.V (OLD)

Similar to how Trauma team  configures their vest but with a


flair and some Norse Badassery. This vest is designed to bring the pain and take it. Magazine, medical, radio and utility pouches coupled with a


Axe and combat knife all on the comfortable and reliable Aramid Vest platform. Your enemies never stood a chance!


This is a replacer


I would like to implement ArchiveXL as it may correct a minor bug with this mod (see below) however, I don’t fully understand how to make my mod into one so it could take a while. As it stands


. However, I have done a lot to try and make this as non-invasive as possible and overwrite as much non essential and little stuff as I can. Due to how this was implemented all variants of the Aramid Vest will have the pouches/attachments. So equipping any will give you the look. For item codes go to the


section and view the Readme.


In general I do not make my mods to be compatible with other mods. Any mod you install that also overwrites clothing items could pose a conflict and if you are having issues this could be why. That being said, you should not have any issues with things that edit character meshes such as cyberarms, cyberware or cosmetics.


There will be some clipping at extreme angles in photo mode but not much I can do about that. The only thing that is a little off is the Red medical pouch on the HAV. Having issues with it accepting new bones so it tends to be a bit more noticeable with the clipping and placement when viewed in photomode and when in extreme positions. I am still working on figuring this out but it works now without any real issues. The Radio on the BEAR vest is not positioned and rigged as good as I want and it was a real struggle to get it to even look decent in that position. It too is not perfect and because of this I have included an option for a no radio configuration.

Additionally, on occasion with all main vest files a pouch or item may disappear from the vest. Not sure yet what is causing this and need to do more testing. I will try and develop a fix for this as soon as possible. Switching/unequipping outfits in the wardrobe seems to fix this.

Tools Used



(Published on: 2023-03-17 17:27:00)

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