Manually Enhanced Concrete and Asphalt

Visuals and Graphics

HD upscales of (most of) these textures can be found


… I didn’t add them here because I feel they are more fitting as addons for that mod instead of HD versions of this mod because of how different they are… They don’t contain all of the textures in this mod, and the ones they do contain are massively changed… I still suggest to keep these files if you don’t use HD Reworked Project, as that is what those are really meant to be used with… You can also still keep these installed and have them load after the HD versions but before HD Reworked… Do what you want 🙂

Updated Asphalt file to include the good patches from the “Better Patches” addon, while removing the not-so-good ones since “HD Reworked Project” provides better… I suggest all users to uninstall the old file and addon and install this new version…

This will at least partially conflict with other mods that edit concrete/asphalt textures (such as the quite popular “surfaces” mod by u/madeofoil)… You can use this alongside them, though, if you’d prefer this concrete/asphalt… You just need to make sure this mod’s filename comes first alphabetically/numerically (I named it with a “0”, so most likely will be, but make sure)…

These are already fairly large textures (most are 1024×1024), so I’m not really worried about upscaling them… If you want an upscaled version, though, let me know and I’ll get it done when I have the time (won’t be too long, likely within a day or 2 of requesting… I really don’t see much difference with most upscales, though… Usually only if they have fine lines/curves like my Enhanced Neons or Enhanced Palm Trees mods)…

Known Issues:

  • None (yet) with main files 🙂
  • I just realized that the “Better Asphalt Patches” addon causes the patches to have little dark blue pixels in it (I scattered random noise in the texture to add more detail, which is probably the cause)… You can really only see this when super close to it and in direct sunlight, though… I currently have no plans to try to fix this as it’s definitely not going to bother me… They look really good from even the distances in the screenshots… You have to get all up on them and inspect them to really notice the pixels… Note: These are even less noticeable with this main mod than with Vanilla asphalt/concrete… So you likely don’t need to worry if you’re already here reading this…lol



  • Delete the “0Manually_Enhanced_xxxxx.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

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(Published on: 2023-03-15 10:22:00)

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