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Night City is huge and “breathtaking” yet while you’re in there without doing gigs or questlines you can feel out of place. My goal is to add more activities to it and let you enjoy the city more, making you feel more like a true citizen. Stay tuned! more mods will come, suggestions are also welcome.

What it does

This mod adds a new small minigame to let you become a courier, delivering packages from one Drop Point to another Drop Point. I hope it will give you a small reason to go explore somewhere. Sure that V can still be a legendary merc but occasionally, you can help

Night City Express

out as a part-time job. They pay well too, yea, for a city this size there might be millions of packages needed to be sent every day.


  • Download and install

    Cyber Engine Tweaks


    Native Settings UI

    , and


  • Uninstall the old mod version, make sure everything is clean.
  • Download and install the mod with Vortex.

  • For manual installation, the folder should be under Cyberpunk2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods

How It Works


There are 4 types of delivery jobs:

  • Normal

    – You have plenty of time to deliver a package.

  • Urgent

    – Gotta plan a bit to be on time.

  • Fragile

    – Drive carefully, don’t hit anything.

  • Fragile + Urgent

    – Let’s see if you can drive fast and carefully at the same time!

Of course, you will be paid after each delivery, plus a small amount of

StreetCred EXP


Level EXP

. The reward value will get scaled up with your


level with the

minimum guarantee of 200 E$

and at the late game, you will get ~1E$ / meter.

  • Normal

    – Base earning = (Distance x Eddie/Meter ) x StreetCred Multiplier

  • Urgent

    – Normal earning

    x 1.2

  • Fragile

    – Normal earning

    x 1.5

  • Fragile + Urgent

    – Normal earning

    x 2

Let’s talk about the route!

Each job’s

start point


target point

will be dynamically generated based on ~200 points in Night City on multiple types. They can be

Drop Points





, and



There is also a small progression system. For example, before Act 2m the job will be generated only in



district. The delivery types and delivery point types will also be unlocked more and more along with your StreedCred level.

You can accept a job in 2 ways:

  1. Visit any drop points in the city, there will be

    1 urgent job


    2 normal jobs

  2. Via phone call. After visiting Viktor’s clinic for the first time, NC Express will SMS you and will be added as a contact. You call to randomly get a job. Or call again while on a job to cancel it.

Things you can adjust

  • Base earning, default:

    0.8 Eddie / 1 meter

  • – Adjust this to suit your liking.

  • Job generation range: default:

    500 meters

  • – Determine how far the start points will be picked on job generation from the player’s location.

  • Minimum/Maximum distances, default:

    within the range of

    300 – 10000


  • – Determine how far the target points can be from the start point (distance of a job).

  • Delivery Timeout, default:

    30 mins

  • – The time you have for normal delivery jobs.

  • Allow districts, default:


  • – If you want to filter out some districts you can turn them off individually.

  • Average driving speed, default 40 km/h

  • – The value that will be used to calculate the time of urgent delivery jobs.

  • UI scale and offset

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the track line disappeared when you enter or exit the vehicle.

  • Status

    : Looking for how to improve.



    After accepting a job, enter your vehicle and open the map (for the best experience).

  • Phone messages can not be read after the first time.

  • Status

    : Looking for how to improve. If you are using

    Corrupt NCPD


    Missing Persons – Fixer’s Hidden Gems

    which uses the same system, this could happen. I’m actively fixing this.


    :  On this mod, the phone is just for calling, so it still kinda works right now.

  • Sometimes pressing the


    key at the Drop Point will enter the sell menu.

  • Status

    : It was caused by standing too close to the Drop Point. The screen can interact with the F key in that situation.

  • If the game crashed while on a job the custom Mappin might get sucked.

  • Status

    : Looking for how to improve.

  • The crash detection (from the native feature) is sometimes not detected even if you hit hard.

  • Status

    : Adjusting

  • The message at first launch will not able to be previewed.

  • Status

    : Looking for how to improve.



    After awhile after some got some other messages and got initialized, it will work

This is my first mod ever! I will do my best to keep this up to date.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know ^ ^


  • Why don’t I use the native Mappin?

  • ANS: I don’t wanna mess with the native system.

  • Why is the interaction keys are different? At vendors and NPC use the [R] key and drop points use the [F] key?

  • ANS: I don’t wanna mess with the native system.

  • Why don’t I get any jobs on a phone call?

  • ANS: Check your mod settings, maybe the filters are too specific.

  • I did crash, why the job is not to fail?

  • ANS: I tuned it that the crash needs to be a bit big to fail a job.


  • In-World Navigation

    works well with this mod, it will provide you the 3d track lines which is super convenient and super fun.

  • Immersive Driving 1.6

     helps you control the acceleration for better grips around corners.


  • Use native UI for the main hud,

  • Use GPS track distance in the calculation instead of point distance.


(Published on: 2022-10-29 17:49:00)

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