Kwek’s Aviators With NPC Colors – New Colors – Holo – Female Male ArchiveXL

Armour and Clothing

Now available in

Seawright Optometry Shop – Requires Virtual Atelier

Click spoiler

below for the

item codes

if you don’t want to use the shop




  • Nose Glasses – Aviators! FemaleV+MaleV

  • 16 colors!

    — see image catalogue.
  • Requires



  • Base mesh: CDPR. Mesh tweaks, material additions, ArchiveXL by me.
  • Vortex-friendly


Extract zip into your CP2077 directory. Vortex Friendly.


  • Banshee2077

    – for suggesting I do the regular version, testing this, and also the beautiful pics of Evelyn!

Special Thanks

  • Apart

    for the great inkatlas kit and letting me use it.

  • psiberx

    for personally explaining and making me understand ArchiveXL in 5 minutes. Happens to create the ArchiveXL mod too. Amazing guy. Endorse his mod now!

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    (..US peeps get tax deductions too! win-win)

  2. Pay your future self: save the money, or invest it.

    (It’s mind-boggling how so many choombas don’t have a savings account.

  3. Whaddya mean u have too much!? We all envy u choom–please see #1)

I also have


shops! Click the image below!

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(Published on: 2023-03-18 18:58:00)

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Kwek's Aviators With NPC and New Colors - 0 Download

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