KS-UV-NPCS-Judy-Bedellia tattoos Overlay


This is the port of my tattoo overlays to Judy.

Installation :

Drop in your Cyberpunk folder ( or put the .archive in your archive/pc/mod folder) , be sure to have

Judy unlocked

and all the requirements.

To see pics of the tats here the links to the original mods.

Bad girl

Mox Rose

 ( I’ve replace the “Heywood” on the back by “Moxes” )

Dragon flower

Fallen Angel


Rise Agai


Thanks to the A-Team ( aka KS discord )

(Published on: 2023-03-15 20:07:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Judy Tatiana-6556-1-0-1669623242.7z 0 Download
Judy-dragonflower-6556-1-0-1669623336.7z 0 Download
Judy_badgirl-6556-1-0-1669623273.7z 0 Download
Judy_bedellia's ink-6556-1-0-1678910822.zip 0 Download
Judy_Fallenangel-6556-1-0-1669623405.7z 0 Download
Judy_moxrose-6556-1-0-1669623304.7z 0 Download
Judy_RiseAgain-6556-1-0-1673084822.7z 0 Download
Judy_songtothesiren-6556-1-0-1678910793.zip 0 Download

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